Night Struck

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This is an assignment for English, so it's a bit different to the sort of stuff I'd usually write. I don't really like having something put in front of me, with a "write specifically about this", but I did still enjoy doing it.

It's quite an odd jumble of reality, imagination and how I'm feeling these days, all rolled into one. And I managed to resist making it rhyme for once :)

Submitted: August 30, 2009

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Submitted: August 30, 2009




That was the only sound,

it echoed around the boats,

the road,

the empty black sky,

its oily reflection in the sea.


The wind,

icy shards of glass,

piercing through the air,

scraping their cheeks,

their fingertips,

yet refusing to break the silence.


The stones,

dusted with frost,

holding the ground together,

hiding history and secrets,

making a little extra room that night,

for just one more story.


And a smile,

only a smile,

but the kind that had not escaped her in a long time.

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