Very Much Young Love

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VERY young. When I was about 9.

Submitted: April 20, 2009

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Submitted: April 20, 2009



Your name was Sam and your t-shirt was red
You kicked a ball over my brother's head
I had a bright pink Adidas top
That I'd bought just that day from the Centre Parks shop

For me, anyway, it was love at first sight
Maybe you felt it, I hoped that you might
Though I doubt you'd be into someone like me
With my middle-parting and embroidered jeans

I watched the game from the bench at the side
And talked really loudly just to catch your eye
"Come on red t-shirt boy... what's his name?" "It's Sam"
Well that was a sly one, just part of my plan

I don't think I knew if you lost or you won
I don't care about football, it's not really fun
Our family walked a few steps behind you
I hoped you'd turn round, maybe smile at me too

But it didn't happen, and you went one way
While we went the other, that was us for the day
That was years ago, I never saw you again...

But I still think of you every now and then

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