Cicus Clowns, Big Tops, and Death

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



Grace Stutting

Circus Clowns, Big Tops, and Death.

“Honey!” screeched my wife in a panic.

“What, what is it?” I said.

“Those noises are happening again!”

The noises happen every night just outside our window. They were circus noises, clowns laughing, elephants honking, and boings and bangs.

“I got to check this out,” I told my wife in annoyance of my little sleep I get now.

This is where my mysterious encounters started.

I went outside in the cold, fall air, I was only wearing my slippers and robe. I turned around to see where the noises were coming from and through the trees of my backyard I could faintly see a circus top with vibrant colored stripes getting blown in the crisp air. I started walking on the grass that was damp with dew.

As I approached the circus top, I could see the drapery that was the door to the inside. As I walked inside I already knew I was in for trouble just by the way everything was set up. The props looked more like torture chambers. I thought I saw a contraption where it is a trick and someone gets cut in half but there was blood all over the ground, I walked over and saw my neighbor,  Betsy and quickly ran out only looking back once and seeing a mysterious figure with a ax in his hand.

When I got home I wanted to call the police but feeling more tired than I ever have before, I went right to bed not even speaking with my wife about the disturbing sightings. The next morning I woke up later than usual. My wife was in the kitchen, I could hear her weeping,

“What is it honey?” I asked in concern.

“Oh, darling, Betsy Nickington was taken and murdered!” she said frightfully.

“Oh my,” I said, trying to think what has happened in the past night.

“Oh my goodness, I knew that circus nonsense was getting out of control,” I said remembering what I had seen in the last night.

The funeral was being held at an old church where there is graffiti on the walls from teenage kids coming at night to do Ouija boards and other things to get them riled up. When we got to the funeral that afternoon, all I could hear was crying and whimpering over the terrible loss of innocent, Betsy. There was also some awkward small talk between between Betsy’s friends while eating stale crumb cake and bitter tea.

When the service started, my eyes were being drawn to the beautiful stain glass windows with bible verses on them, I could faintly see a shadow behind it that looked like a shadow looking in. The shadow moved away. A few moments later, I heard a voice in my head that told me to turn around.I did.  Outside the glass doors, I saw a figure with black cloth peering in with a grin that that made the hair on my neck stand straight up.

My wife tugged on the sleeve of my shirt and nodded towards the priest in annoyance wanting me to be paying attention.

“Sorry.” I whispered

I tried to pay attention to the devastating service but I could not stop thinking about how I knew what happened to Betsy.  I don’t think I would be able to get those words out of my mouth but if I don’t tell anyone what I know that no one would have closure, and they really needed it.

When the funeral was over I was confused despite everything that has happened. We got in the car. I had a bank stare out the window while I sat in the passenger seat.

“What’s wrong honey?” My wife said glancing over at me while she was driving.

“Oh,” I said being shocked out of my daze. “I have been thinking, and you know how I went to that ruckas last night?” I said looking at the side of my wife's face, she looks in my eyes then back at the road ahead,

“Yes, what happened?” She said concerned.

“Well, I saw Betsy, she was in a ‘cut in half box’ that they use in circus’, you know?” I said feeling crazy for what I just said.

“What?” My wife said not believing a word I said. I was confused because I didn’t even believe what I had just  said, but I knew it had to be true. “I saw it with my own eyes, and then I saw someone with an ax. They did not look like a real human....”

“AHHHH!” my wife and I screamed at the same time. There was that same figure I have been seeing in the middle of the road.

“What was that?!” My wife said in shock after we passed and came back on the road instead of the shoulder.

“Oh my goodness, that was the figure in the circus and looking in at the funeral,” I said amused almost laughing proving to my wife I was not crazy.

“He killed Betsy with an ax! I was right.” I said laughing because I figured it all out.

“Oh my, that is terrible, you have to tell her poor family.” my wife said concerned for their feelings.

“I am going back tonight and if I am right I’ll tell them tomorrow.” I said while pulling into our cement driveway in our small cul de sac.

We ate dinner. When we finished our TV shows I got ready to go on another encounter with a murderer. You don’t get to say that often.  

“See you later honey, I’ll be back in less than an hour.” I said turning to walk out the door.

“Wait!” my wife said running in with a hat.” Put this on it’s chilly out.” she said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, darling.” I said walking out and down the stairs.

“Be careful. I love you.” my wife yelled out to me.

I turned around, “I love you too honey.”

I had to get there to see what kind of people were going in. I went around the side of my house and got a look on where the circus top appears. There it was a colorful flag in the distance with people walking in. I ran fastly but quietly avoiding branches that I could have stepped on. I hid behind a large oak tree and watched the people go in.

There was some talking going on but I couldn’t understand it. None of these ‘people’ looked like real people. They were all short or tall with disfigured faces and limbs.

I was getting tired of standing so I crouched down. My knees made a popping noise like they have ever since I was a young boy. A few alien looking creatures looked over but luckily the tree was big enough to cover me. My heart beated so fast until they kept on their walking.  I have not been seen so therefor I was a lucky man. That was everyone. I got up after a couple minutes to go inside but then I went back behind the tree because I saw two more creatures holding a body bag.

I almost screamed. “Oh my gosh!” I whispered to myself.

I went inside the Big Top. I tuned to the left and saw the creatures in a circle saying things I couldn't understand. All of their eyes were closed so I got closer without being seen. Their was a fire with the body next to it. I hid behind a cart of costumes and watched closing. They dumped the body in the fire, but it wasn't just any body. It was my wife!

“No! Stop! You can’t do this!” I yelled running into the circle and picking my wife up with both my hands.

“You cannot tell me what to do!” yelled a frightful monster with, black, dead eyes and snakes for hair.

Before I could do anything I scooped up my wife and ran out of the circus without looking back. I looked down at my sleeping wife notosing her hair was on fire! I took off my hat she gave me and got the fire out, and threw it on the circus top. It went up in flames as I saw the figure through the doorway with two red beady eyes glaring into my soul.

And even though my wife was captured and almost burned to death, we still made it out alive. After these experiences I now know that monsters are real, you have too always make sure your doors and windows are locked as well as making sure your wife is safe before you turn out the lights. I also know to trust yourself and your family to keep what is yours and what is special to you, love who you love and keep them safe.

I suddenly woke up to the sound of a trains roar. I was so relieved that everything I thought was real was all just a dream. I sighed with a smile on my face and hugged my wife. The train faded away after about three minutes. I was just about to go back to sleep but then I heard my worst fear, circus music!

The End.


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