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I'm new here and this is my first writing!!! Just want to write a short letter to introduce myself and tell you all my story.

Dear Readers, 

My name is Gracie. I have never written anything before and let other people see it. I haven't really explored this website yet so I don't really know if this is the kind of stuff you are used to seeing, but if it's not then great. I want to be different.

When I write, all I've ever done is lock in my notebook and pile it up with all my other books, but I don't want to do that anymore. I want to share my writing with the world because I think it's important. Some things that I write are and will be true things that I have gone through. Real emotions and real feelings. However, somethings will be fictional writings but, if you look close enough you can still tell where my own emotions tie in. 

Ok. I think I have gotten my point across and if I didn't feel free to ask any questions. I know that someitmes I can get a little carried away. Thank you to all of you reading this for giving me a chance and please give me some feedback. 


Gracie Morrison 


Submitted: September 04, 2016

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