Laura & Oscar

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it is a story about a sweet couple, who wants to spend life together and are looking forward to get married soon.Unfortunately fate has some other plans for them.

Submitted: July 12, 2011

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Submitted: July 12, 2011





“My Lord, why on earth I am missing him. Why even after four tragic years of his betrayal, I fail to disregard him? Did he really love me? If yes, then why did he do that to me?” sighed Laura





Laura was in love with Oscar for two years. They had been very fond of each other. It was on one of their meetings that Oscar decided to move to some other destination for a better job. Laura did not want him to go.


Oscar drawing Laura close to his side; put his arms around her and said, “Darling, it’s just a matter of two years and I’ll be back. We will then have enough money. We will be blissfully married and start our life afresh.”


Laura caught him by his white silken collars and pleaded, “No, please do not go. I cannot live without you. I do not want money; I want you and your company for life time. Every minute, every second I want you to be by my side. I want you to love me more and more. ”


Oscar hugs her. (There is a prolonged silence). Oscar kisses her and …..”Laura dear, try and understand darling. Trust me I’ll be back. Please let me go…honey?”  


Laura clings to his neck for a while and then Oscar leaves her wrapped in bedsheet.


(Back in Present)


Tears swelled from her eyes, Laura takes a deep breath. It has been four years; Oscar neither called up nor wrote to her.


Oscar, who claimed to love Laura, got married to a blonde, Maria. He is father to both, her daughter and a son. It was by a strange chance that one of Laura’s friends meets him at Dublin Square at Christmas night, enjoying with his family.


Laura is shattered on hearing about Oscar and his new family. She cries bitterly. All past memories comes alive before her mind’s eye. Before today, Laura was confident of Oscar’s arrival, but now there seems to be no scope of his return. She convinces herself that Oscar will never come back to her. She takes him to be a swindler.


(After one year)


Once again Laura is reminded of Oscar and the void that can never be filled by anyone. But today Laura is ashamed of herself because she has failed to understand Oscar.


Oscar, even today loves Laura. He married Maria because on his way to Chicago, he was attacked by some rogues. He was saved by Mr. Barrett, father of Maria. Mr. Barrett died when one of the rogues attacked him with knife. Maria, who had lost his mother during her childhood, had nobody in this world except her father. Before taking his last breath Mr. Barrett told Oscar to marry Maria and take care of her. Oscar could not say no and thus, after reaching Chicago. He firstly make friend with her and finally, proposes marriage to her.


Today, Oscar is suffering from tuberculosis and there are no chances of his getting well, Laura is filled with love for him. She doesn’t want him to die but she is helpless too…She wants to share her heart with him…she wants to make up for the time lost but Oscar has no time… today Laura is close to him just to bid a final adieu…He will now be gone forever and she will have nothing but only memories of times spent with him…


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