Changing the World

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Submitted: August 03, 2011

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Submitted: August 03, 2011



Change the World


What is life in the great ocean of eternity,

In the timeframe of creation,

It is like the grain of sand in the desert,

Or beaches by the sea


Yet that grain of sand when

Entering an oyster can produce a pearl of great price.

It is like the blade of grass rippling in the wind

Or the droplet of water in the huge ocean,


It seems like you are nothing

Life is pointless

You make little difference

But this is not so


One seed can grow and grow and grow

It will spread to others which then spread to others and so forth,

One droplet of water can bring life to one plant,

We may feel by comparison to others or creation we are nothing


Our planet in the vastness of the universe also

Yet it is not and we are not!

Your life makes a difference

You are not an island


You are connected to humanity

To the rest of the world

Every action you take

Affects in some way something around you


Good or bad!

Your choices, your decisions, everything you do

Affects the future,

Yours and others,


There is nothing you do that is insignificant!

You are writing the future,

You are carving your destiny with each word and deed.

Every choice you make affects someone


They affect someone

So on, so on,

The ripple affect they say!

Your bad mood rubs off on others


Your smiling face brings joy,

Your curt words or loving words,

To build up or destroy

Every minute of every day


We are changing this world we live in

Our interaction affecting others around us,

Every action has its reaction, as science clearly shows.

How are you changing the world?


What stamp are you making on the scope of eternity

What painting of life; mosaic, or tapestry

Are you creating with you choices and actions?

Long after you have gone and left this world


The seeds of your life continue to grow bloom

They will affect others,

There is nothing,

Yes, nothing, too small, or seemingly insignificant in life,


No, I say to you that your life is not insignificant,

You reach far more than you can ever imagine!

You can change the world

You are changing the world!


You are a world changer


Act like it!


© Copyright 2017 Graeme Montrose. All rights reserved.

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