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a poem about the GAME

Submitted: March 31, 2011

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Submitted: March 31, 2011



In celestial worlds beyond our sight
There spirits play the ‘GAME’
The chess board changes all the time
As choices here are made
The queen of hearts she rules it seems
Like cupid shoots her bow
Lovers then become her pawns
She plays a winning game
Though knights do joust and fall
Their limited in all
War master always ruin all
The Game but starts anew
The king imperiously watches all
A spider then to pounce
He’s stronger than you think my friend
He waits and waits and waits
The rooks are strong and protect well
As kingdoms rise and fall
Yet they’re but pieces on the board
The players do decide
The bishops feel they control all
They move with seeming ease
Dictating what you will believe
While glorifying self
In halls above in worlds beyond
Across celestial seas
In crystal rooms of sea blue glass
There spirits sit and play
We are the pawns or so we’re called
We cast unto the fire
Useless to some we seem be
Yet we surprise them all
We’re moved around to fit their whim
As cupid’s arrow flies
Or off to war our blood to spill
To satisfy their whim
But though these spirits play their games
And we do jump it seems
There is a special rule in place
To change the players game
The Master of the Game you see
Can over power all
He changes rules, he undermines
Depending on our choice
For most the pieces just are moved
No choices have they it seems
Yet unbeknownst to all who play
They have a choice in all
We yield unto the players touch
We go where ere they move
Yet hidden in our deep recess
A safety button lies
We can undo and move at will
We can upset the Game
The Master of the Game did this
So we could thus break free
So in the ‘Game of Life’ my friend
You’re not so limited
You have the choice you can refuse
You’re not a useless piece

© Copyright 2017 Graeme Montrose. All rights reserved.

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