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A poem

Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Submitted: July 18, 2015




Within the misty corridors

Illusion oft will hide

Revealing music of the soul

Binding heart with soul

The blood of love doth bindthey say

it's cords doth tie the heart!

No barriers gods or men could halt

No gates dimensions bar!

The heart of love a force unbound

No greater force there be!

Forever binds the captive’s heart

Forever and a day!

They who fall under its spell

Remain there bound within!


I sing within the mists of time, of worlds that drift through dreams,

Of Avalon the mystic isle, a gateway to the sea,

There upon the hills so green, a beauteous princess lived,

AisIyn, her name or so they say, the fairest of the fair.

A daughter of the Fisher King, a princess of the Fair,

Survivors of a forgotten land, they live unseen by man.

The Fair Ones came to Avalon, from a land beyond the blue,

Atlantis so the story goes, now sunk beneath the sea.

The dragon Fardeth heard of her and sought her for his own,

He changed his shape unto man and sailed within the mist.

Upon the island Avalon, within its misty bowels,

Others than the Fair Folk lived apart from one and all.

Some Elvin from the ages past lived in the forest woods,

And a druid prince from Avalon, Merlorius was his name.

Of Elvin blood mixed with the Fair, the ‘Half-blood’ he was called,

Rejected both by Elves and Fair, he lived his life alone.

Skilled in sword and bow he was and trained in magic spells,

The handsome druid walked the shore in search of special herbs.

His wanderings brought him to the glade where Aislyn there did lie,

Enthralled with all the magic dust that danced within the light she lay;

His breath did start, a gasp escaped, her beauty caught him tight,

Was this a goddess come to earth, or had he crossed the bounds.

Was he now in the otherworld, had stumbled through a door?

She sat up straight, her eyes alight, and looked upon his frame.

(Part two to come…)

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