God the Master of Cocktails

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a poem about comparisons, cocktails and us, how similar we are

Submitted: March 21, 2011

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Submitted: March 21, 2011



God the Master of Cocktails
It was a strange to see Jesus standing there
A waiter in a bar
It was a large lounge bar and packed
I looked around at ease
He’d rush from here to there and back
Like superman, whoosh, whoosh, he flew
Returning stunningly delicious cocktails
Delivered with a smile
There he was behind the bar
Throwing this and that all in
Mixing it then pouring it
Tossing in a dab of fruit
Cocktails designed to deliver alcohol
In an attractive, tasteful form
Colourful, tasty, delicious drinks
We are God’s cocktails too
The point of a cocktail - the alcohol
The alcohol is God’s word,
Just as in cocktails different alcohols
 God’s has different types of word
End time, economics, laws and rules
Parenting, inspirational, verse
Praise, salvation, history found
Spirit world, and prophecy
On and on so many types
Yet each its part to do
Reaching the intended soul
With a touch of love and light
We are a mixed bunch in this ole world
No two the same I say
Our job delivering love to all
No matter who they be
Black or white, yellow, brown,
And every shade between,
Old and young and in-between,
Each with a different view
Talents, styles, and music tastes,
All form the souls of men
Different backgrounds culture too, 
Created all by God
The cocktail waiter stuns the crowds
 With His amazing skills
Creating newer drinks each day
And never just the same
His originality delights the heart
Fruit, juices, soft drinks used
Cold herbal teas, ice cream I love
Together make the drinks
So God takes us each so different
A different mix of looks,
Dress, gifts, religion, and talents all
To this He adds His spirit shot
Hey presto another of God’s drinks
Hits the bars now reaching out
He takes us as we are but adds
His spirit into the drink
He gives us now a shake or two
Presto we’re specially made
Some reach the bankers on Wall Street
Others the socialites
Some reach the film stars and moguls
Some reach the jetsetters free
Others reach the streets in clubs and bars
A drink for everyone
Designed by God to share His love
With everyone we meet
Each one a measure of His love
Mixed in with all of us

© Copyright 2017 Graeme Montrose. All rights reserved.

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