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Poem reflecting on John Lennon's song

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011






‘Happy Christmas War is Over’, so John Lennon sang

Now forty years gone by I think, yet still the wars they rage

Christmas comes to us once more, yet death doth fill the air

John’s hopes and dreams for peace on earth all seem dead to me


Syria or Iran it seems, are doomed the next to fall

At least the media tells to us,that these must now depart

Evil leaders need removed, all must be as we

Africa and all around, war and death holds sway


Where is peace on earth right now, when watching all the news

War its end is not in sight, no far from end increased

We in our Western bubble hide; singing Christmas carols sweet

We feast and laugh we sing and dance while other fall in death


Peace on earth the angels sang, this did Christ proclaim

Love and peace His message gave, Christmas was His birth

Look to Palestine I say, see what doth unveil

Persecution rampant everywhere, the poor as ever die


Everywhere the world around, there’s death, there’s war and pain

What gift to give for Christ His birth, this season I do ask

Not empty bubbles bright and nice but something that will last

A gift to those in need do give, for this the Christ King asked


Love encompasses all mankind and not a privileged few

It’s not the colour of the skin it’s not religions flag

The atheist, the Muslim too, Jew, Hindu, Pagan too

It matters not to Christ the king, they're all the same to Him


It matters not the place we’re born, we all do come from Him

It matters not we believe, we’re all His children loved

The sinner and the pious too, the humble and the proud

No different in His eyes are we, we all do need God’s love


It’s not the Christmas present, or the lovely Christmas tree

It’s not the Christmas dinner, or the Reindeer Santa drives

For Christmas is a time of love, of giving from the heart

It is the time that Love came down, to give us hope and faith


The others things are nice and good, celebrations should not cease

Whatever we on earth do chose to remember Christ His birth

It brings a time of joy to all, it brings to others cheer

Yet if you want to please the Lord then give to those in need


The orphans and the destitute, the suffering and the lost

The ones in dire pain and wars, the beaten and misused

In your home town, your street maybe

Someone there needs your love


If we do not start somewhere soon, the world will never change

One deed of kindness and of love, one person helped will start

For one by one the world can change, by love and not by war

This the Christmas message true and not the shopping spree


 ‘Happy Christmas War is Over’; need not be just a song

A dream fulfilled a vision seen, it is our own hands

We all can do our part you see, to make that dream come true

A Happy Christmas to each one we all do need true love


© Copyright 2018 Graeme Montrose. All rights reserved.

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