My Life Seems Like a Dream

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A poem a child looks upon life

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Submitted: May 01, 2011



My Life is Like a Dream
I can remember like a dream
When last I played outside
Or even in the house for that
It seems so long ago
I had a dog, a little pup
Pippin it was its name
We loved to run and play outside
In sun or rain as well
But things within this world of ours
Are not so filled with joy
My life was turned around you see
Though I am only five
The bombs did come they fell around
The buildings tumbled down
My uncle, aunt and cousins too
Beneath the rubble lay
But only just beginning was
The agony of my life
My brother died a week ago
My father just today
My mother died an hour ago
Of wounds she could not treat
I have no home to call my own
Yet no one sheds a tear
I do not grieve, for what is that
To one as young as I
My sister takes good care of me
My neighbour’s wife as well
The media call it justified
It is to free our land
The governments the world around
Just look the other way
Some even send the planes to bomb
They give the guns that kill
Collateral damage that is all
We are not even human
Statistics on a paper white
Written in our blood
Just like a game on computer screen
To them it moves them not
The bombs they care not where they fall
Whose flesh they tear to shreds
The deaths and heartaches pain and sorrow
They do not share in these
Children die and childhood lost
I grow desensitized
Love is withering in my heart
My eyes see only pain
I see that death, is really life
And agony is its blood
Man claws and kills, he bathes in blood
The centuries record it so
The governments - the world all over
They seek their power and fame
The media loves a story good
The bloodier, well it sells
Fear takes hold on those around
Hate it grows within
What’s sowed today some others reap
A decade or so from now
I sit and draw in dust and dirt
Of buildings all torn down
I sketch the bodies torn in bits
And monsters of the mind
Yet children in some place I hear
Can play and laugh and sing
No cares have they to burden them
Their families all around
I wonder if this is really true
Or just some made up tale
A fairy tale to give one hope
While life is what I live
Tomorrow I’ll be six, I’m told
But what is that to me
Maybe I’ll die, maybe I’ll not
Tomorrow we will see
My life is like a dream you see
I wander in a daze
I’ve seen what children should not see
I’ve wept all tears away

© Copyright 2018 Graeme Montrose. All rights reserved.

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