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The Chess Game The Game of Life

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



Canyons of blackness they rise all around
Pits of destruction - filled with decay
Places of death, of fear and despair
Noises I hear that deafen the ear
Confusion and chaos they reign everywhere
Places where life is so cheap
Chess is a game and so is our life
Like pawns we’re moved here and there
Cities are boards where we play out our game
Governments they move us around
Canyons of darkness around me I know
Bringing but sorrow and pain
Buzzing activities they seem to abound
Yet these but a coating for sure
They cover the darkness; tempting the eye
Hiding the horrors untold
Death all around me now I can see
Lost in the waves of deceit
Sense are dulled and calloused by now
Drunken and lost in stupor
Endless the lines of pawns that I see
Drifters through lands of the night
Caught through their senses
Now tangled in webs
Never to feel freedoms air
Mazes called streets of concrete and stone
Jungles of hate and of sin
Predators’ roam they seek just to kill
Horrors abound day and night
We’re slaves of emotions
In all of there ways
Walking the darkest of paths
Cold measured tread
Leads on and on
Addicts we seek our new fix
Like bees in a swarm we follow death’s song
Dead to the truth and the light
The Military calls out - they want you to fight
Promising fame in return
Slaves to their passions - fodder for war
Pawns in the games Chaos plays
Wandering the streets time rushes by
Slaves to the web and times beat
Racing to death surrounded with noise
No time to reflect of the truth
Silence extinct! Night becomes day!
You’ve entered the Big City Game
The game is your life
The stakes life or death
You’re playing the big city game
Sex you will find, slaves they abound
Cities the festering sores
Pawns we all are playing the game
The Kings and Queens laugh aloud
Bishops and Knights manoeuvre around
But we’re the expendable mass
Politicians they laugh, the bankers shake hands
Soldiers obey what they’re told
Thus the game plays, thus the pawns move
Checkmate we’re destined to die

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