Sitting in a Park

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a poem about a wonderful peaceful spring afternoon in the park

Submitted: March 24, 2011

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Submitted: March 24, 2011



Sitting in a Park
Sitting in the park one day
I watch the wind it blows
Wildly through the grass and trees
Musically stirring leaves
The leafy branches jostle now
They’re dancing to the sounds
Whirling dust in clouds around
Like midges stinging me
The air its gentle fingers
Caressing my red cheeks
Tugging gently on my hair
A lover close to me
The pond is near I watch the ducks
The children playing near
I see the rocks, dull and rough
Water gently laps
As if in answer to the breeze
It rhythm pleases me
Thousands little glittering specks
Hidden deep within
The water cleans, the rocks do shine
They sparkle in sun
A pleasant Sunday afternoon
The sun its warmth imbibe
Lazing in the springtime park
Amidst the flowery blooms
I mediate on life’s small joys
My spirit soars on high

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