The High Tower of Crysteleth

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The Battle of the Elves

Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



The High Tower of Crysteleth
She sat and waited knowing it would not be long now
The long mountain horn had sounded
Echoing through the steep canyons of Ergarth
Death was coming!
The Elves had lost the Pass
Lord Farven had perished at the Battle of the Rivers
Raslem and Saeral both perished under the sword of the Warlock Damen
Where now was hope in the lands of the Elves
Man and sorcery had combined with the evil orks
The counsel of mages all but perished
What of Barmeth the old Wizard? Alas no one knew of him
Not since he slew the dragon Eldereth in the pass of Oragal
Now the sound of the beating drums could be heard
The orks, the trolls, the men of the East
Now joined by the barbarians from the Wastes
Now only death remained
From her perch on the window Elrea lamented
Only the Rulenal and the Vashleth Woodland Elves remained
From her windowsill in the high tower
She could see the dark masses of doom approaching
How long would they be able to withstand them
Would she have the courage to stand strong like her father
Where was Armean and his archers
Maybe he had perished in the Plains of Argotha
A tear wound its way downward
Love, what of love
There was no place for love these days
Only war and death
She could see the endless waves of troops approaching
They blotted out all else, and the drums
The constant beating pounding in her head
Better death than dishonour
Then her crystal amulet suddenly pulsated
It throbbed with light and energy
Her heart beat faster
Armean was near!
Joy flooded her soul, hope returned
Then a flash of white light flooded the sky
There on the far reaches of the south wall
There on the rocky hillside stood the Wizard Barmeth
Now courage filled her heart
She stood up and strapped on her sword
The time of War had come
Now was the Battle of the Elves

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