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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The hero of this story loses consciousness as a result of the road accident. He has a dialogue with his higher self. After that, his life changes for the better.


Two years ago the event occurred, which radically changed my life. It was a hot summer day. I went to the grocery store. Went and thought about life. How many questions and how difficult it is to find some answers...

Suddenly there was a squeal of brakes. And, having just taken off notice on the pavement the car, I felt his powerful impetus. For a moment my mind was disconnected. However, in the next moment I saw the shocking picture - my body laying down on the pavement, not giving any signs of life. There were two broken car that apparently collided, and one of them was thrown to the pavement, where absurd coincidence, I happened to be at this point. Therefore, I am dead, once you see all this from the side. I was overcome with mixed feelings - it was a shame that he was not able to live that did not manage to achieve what I wanted, found the answers to many of life's questions. However, I felt a lightness not only physical, but also the lightness of consciousness - the earth the concept of life lost for me its importance. Everything below was away more and more, as if my consciousness was rapidly taken up somewhere skyward.

"Well, Hello, " I heard a voice. And immediately realized that this voice is an exact copy of mine.
"Hello, " I answered, reaching the consciousness of everything around me space, however, so no one saw, " who are you? I don't see you.
"You and I almost didn't notice, although I have always been close, " he said again, my voice a stranger. Before me appeared the figure of a man, who was so like me, like my mirror.
"Well, let's get acquainted. I say so, your higher self, the highest manifestation of human nature. I was ready to dialogue with you all your life, but you in your everyday hustle and bustle did not pay attention to the signs that I was served. Now, when you finally caught in their judgments and reached the "point of no return, I had to help you and have arranged our meeting. I'll give you the answers to all your questions. Then you will be born anew, that, living in a new incarnation, gradually come to these answers by practical solutions to life's challenges. However, while you will grow and re-discover this world, your child's brain will eventually forget about our present meeting. I will still be there. And if you really want, you will learn to hear me and in life.

But if I forget about you, how I wish to hear you? - I was surprised.
- The fact that man is born in order to practice to learn how to create the world around him. Mind you, how many people on the planet and each has its own unique destiny. Everyone who got their first "piece of clay", sculpts his creation. But it often happens that instead of having to manage the process of creation of his life, people, mistaken, held hostage to the circumstances. The fate of such people is totally dependent on initial conditions given in this embodiment. Which, in turn, depend on its "merits" in the previous reinkarnatsiyakh. And if you instead would like to condemn the world around for its imperfection, looked for the reason that inside, that definitely would have heard me.
"You want to say that I sinned in a previous life that my current life was so hard with me in the punishment?
- Not at all. Everyone, regardless of what baggage he came, has the ability to fix it and begin the creation of their own destiny. After all, the perfect man becomes, the more perfect it becomes the world around us. People always rejects what you cannot understand. And if earlier than those who claimed that the Earth is round and rotates on its axis and the Sun burned at the stake of inquisitions, it is now generally accepted scientifically proven fact. So never hurry to put all the things I can not understand, the flame of his rejection.

- How to come to this perfection, I am, after all, is not Holy, what would always do everything right?
- The path to excellence begins with the acceptance of imperfection. The fact that people often demand perfection from the surrounding world, from others and from themselves. You, like, trying to justify himself, his inaction) that live far from ideal world. However, you forget that you are doing the world around them. Yes, in an ideal society everything is perfect - there are no diseases, conflicts, problems. In the ideal model, all that is missing due to uselessness, in your world, is necessary. The first vital task of man is to accept the conditions of his life, to take all the circumstances, without requiring them to perfection. Accept yourself as you are at this stage of his way to perfection, not demanding from yourself instant achieve the end result. To accept other people for who they are, because they also go their own way to the same goal.

However, to make this man is not so simple. That is, it is easy, of course, to think: "I accept all and everything, but theory and practice are different things. Thank God for the practice of the people given this, at first glance, imperfect world. Want to condemn someone, remember that he has the full right to think, speak and act as they see fit, even if you disagree. Remember that your task is not to condemn, but to justify (to forgive) him and accept the situation. In the course of performing their vital problems in practice, you'll notice that the more you accept life as it is and people around you, the more life takes you (though still not perfect) and adds the circumstances in your favor. And often "minus" turns into a "plus" for you. Thus, by changing his attitude towards the world, people change and attitude to yourself.
You know, in our time difficult of all to justify and accept all the circumstances, " I said.

- At all times in front of people is a very important life choice to succumb to temptation and go through conviction and, accordingly, to attract problems, or to learn to love and forgive and, consequently, to improve their lives. Perhaps now the temptations and more. Just turn on the TV and watch another news release or what may be a talk show or transfer, as there is in my mind comes a lot of emotions. You criticize the movie heroes and condemn politicians, and your negative emotions becoming more entrenched in your brain and slowly, quietly to yourself, become a habit. And even in your real life you tend to criticize those people who seem to go bad. All these negative emotions in relation to others or to yourself, ruin your life, pulling it more and more problems and failures. What you habitually react condemnation, falling into a vicious circle, depending on the circumstances.
The deep emotions that you are so used, it is difficult to uproot. Yes and keep them inside harmful. Therefore it is better to accept yourself as you are and start to work on themselves ("to grind your diamond"). Let also others to be imperfect - they have every right to do. After all, what judgment ye judge so you will be judged.
- What is work? I asked.
For starters, you can take advantage of the benefits of your civilization: such as TV or the Internet. Turn any movie or TV show. While watching, try to catch yourself on the criticism of heroes. At this point, remember that you want to be happy, despite their shortcomings, so let the characters to be happy, despite their mistakes or wrong. Know that they have the right to be wrong, however, as you do. Not "kill" themselves and their negative emotions - life itself, without your intervention will lead them to what we would all be rethought. Thus, you would forgive those who criticized and your negative emotion will not deepen, but being superficial, soon completely dissolved. Using this technique each time while watching your favorite shows, you will gradually get used in new ways to respond to the pathogen negative emotions.

In real life, where all events relate to you personally, to accept the situation and to forgive, of course, will be more difficult. But with each subsequent attempt, forgiveness will prevail over condemnation. So use this technique when observing what is happening around you events.
Over time you'll begin to notice that life is becoming more favorable to you, as you are kinder to people and to themselves. However, rejoicing in this, be careful that not to return to the old. Remember that you are all arranged the same way, sooner or later, every soul of you will come to perfection. And while you're in the way, and the way everyone has their own. Errors, falls and rises inherent in each. You are, after all, not condemn child who is learning to walk, stumbled and fell, and perceive his error for granted as an integral part of the learning process. So it is not necessary to condemn and adults, including yourself, for errors.
If anyone gives you problems - it's up to them, but not tai in itself evil and hatred for this man. Take the situation for granted. Perhaps the experience of solving these problems will be useful for later life achievements and "minus" will be a "plus". But, if you will diligently to condemn the "culprit" of the circumstances, you will get in this situation again and again until you have corrected their mistake and change their attitude to what is happening.
Everyone has the right to be dependent on their negative emotions and life of confusion or to take the world as it is and change yourself, change your surroundings, purifying thus the path to your happiness.

Chapter 3. HAPPINESS
As you know - happiness for everyone. But do not associate it with the notion of a purely material things, because everyone knows that the rich also cry. Problems can occur in any person, regardless of his financial situation. Though to live well and no one is prohibited. We just have to dream it and fanatically aspire to. Since, in this case, even if you manage to achieve this goal, the joy of it not so much to bring, because most likely, there will be other problems (for example, health or personal relationships with loved ones), which simply overshadows all the joy from material well-being.
Truly happy would feel man who will devote his life to what he likes, no matter what stereotypes. Employment in favourite business, favorable mode of life, sense of self-relevance in society and adequate remuneration for their work - all this creates a feeling of true happiness. People, as a single cell organism, have the need in the exchange of energy.

However, there are some cancer cells that accumulate all the energy from the nutrients that are passed to them by other cells, and give nothing in return. Their desire to stand apart and not work for the benefit of the whole organism, but only to satisfy their personal interests leads to a stagnant processes and death of these cells. Growing, cancer rots from the inside, as external tumor cells do not produce nutrient exchange with the internal. And, if this process is not stopped soon, he causes the death of the organism. Similarly, the people receiving the energy of life and love from above (though still not perfect) themselves do not always know how to give it to the environment. They often let their deep negative emotions and feelings that are blocking the return of love. Thus, the isolation and hoarding energy by man leads to thereby stagnant processes, as in the case of the cells of the body. The more you give, the more you get. And the more stagnant energy a person has, the greater his chances of getting cancer. That would get rid of the malignant power of the bunch, and to be cured of a malignant tumor, it is necessary to reconsider their attitude to life and implement changes in their everyday practice. You need to give your love and creative energy to people without demanding (even in thought) instead. You need to use given you the opportunity to learn to love.

In General, all the misery of a person's understanding of events happening in the moment, and, respectively, and incorrect responses. Many events from your past through the prism of years appear before you in a different light. And you change their attitude to them. It is also useful to consciously apply this experience to the events of the day. You must recognize in all circumstances, problems, and opportunities for their education. This is the energy food with you (cell) divided the whole world (the body). The purpose for which he gives you these circumstances, is not to hurt you. Although, you can hurt yourself if you will be wrong to interpret what is happening, not taking all the possibilities, but as a problem. Its purpose is, what would you unleashing situational site (solving the so-called problem) has developed the habit of being in the depths of the soul love (forgiveness, acceptance, understanding that everything happens only for the benefit of) as to the fate that triggered this situation, and to all of its members (people who may even playing negative with respect to you role, and help you to overcome a certain stage on the path to perfection).

Your negative emotions should not creep into your soul, it is better to be superficial. Realizing the need, the so-called "problematic" situations, and in fact opportunities to improve yourself, you are receiving from the fate of these opportunities will feel inside acceptance, gratitude for learning, love for life, even if superficial (on the surface) will be sometimes necessary rigidity. Then the energy exchange between you and the world will be established. And, accordingly, the outcome of such situations will be in your favor in all positions. Firstly, you will strengthen your skill to solve problems. Secondly, from this situation, you will emerge victorious. And, considering the result of their new attitude towards life, you will want to continue to treat with understanding.
However, living in the material world, full of happiness to a person it is also necessary to engage in any activity to impact the results of this work to society. In order not only to consume the fruits of someone's labor, but also to give their. That is, not only to maintain energy metabolism, but also material, as a result. And, of course, people will be able to give more of their fruits to people and their environment, and to feel satisfaction and to achieve success in the field, which he likes. Doing the job with enthusiasm and interest, you (the cell) will bring maximum benefit to the world (the body) and, thus, he will get more from him all the best. Therefore, it is important in determining their life, listen to your soul and make the right choice. If eyes tried to perform the function of the ear, it is unlikely that he would cope with this task. When all the organs and cells perform its functions directly, the entire body works seamlessly and successfully implements all its organs and cells with essential nutrients.

The more one argues in his new relationship to the whole, the greater its ability to provide informed positive impact on their fate. That is, by treating with a deep acceptance of events and people, being in a constant share of the pure energy of love and from the heart giving the fruits of their labor to others, while receiving pleasure, a person can get from the fate of what you want.
And then you can safely wish any material goods, new relationships, and so forth, that in this case the person will not bring any harm, unless of course he will never be forgotten and will not return to my old way of thinking. If the person is solid in his new attitude to everything, all his desires about yourself will begin in his life. But this, also, is the test of the strength of his new beliefs. Because getting what you want, people are at risk of re erect it is desired to so-called "podium", pushing into the background the need for the exchange of clean energies. He, as it were, within himself engaged in the assignment and hoarding, holding thoughts to the object of his adoration. Therefore, getting what you want, watch whatever temporary joy would not turn into problems. Be grateful that rewarded you for your understanding. Don't lose this understanding that it had not to lose the joy of the reward.

Also, if you'll notice around the so-called "injustice", perhaps even to themselves, do not rush to judge the circumstances or people involved in what is happening. Don't put on the "podium" the old feeling of condemnation or resentment, accept the situation with understanding. And even if outwardly have to be rigid when solving your tasks internally, whether in advance grateful for all the benefits that ultimately you will bring this, at first glance unfair situation. External rigidity with inner love will never turn into cruelty. Because if you instead of condemnation will perceive everything with the understanding that this "unfair" or "problematic" situation given to you only for what used having thy hardness and durability of your new thinking, to give you the appropriate reward. And if you will be taking the situation with understanding and gratitude, all will indeed be in your favor.
Everything that happens in your life strives to meet your own stamps, which you all in advance represent. If you have described the situation as a problem, then it will be for you later. If you call her a chance to earn gift from fate and will be internally through the relevant sense, then automatically use this opportunity and will receive his reward. So every man is truly a master of his own destiny, and the key to his happiness holds in his hands. Just not everyone knows how this key to use.

Chapter 4. LOVE
I started to listen to the story of his double, who called himself my higher human nature. He talked about things that interested me in life. Listening to him, I analyzed my life. I was always looking for the same "key to happiness". However, the concept of happiness in different periods of life I was determined though differently, but, apparently, wrong. When I thought that the fate tries to insert me another "stick in the wheel", I was filled with all kinds of negative feelings that let me take advantage of the opportunity that was given destiny. I would like to return to life and begin to consciously create your own destiny.
I had very warm feelings towards his companion, as though we have long been familiar, but for some reason I forgot it. And now, every word of it, my memory was alive, and he became everything to me closer.
- Please, tell me about yourself, " I said, hoping to completely refresh your memory.
"Well, if you want to know, I will try to tell you. I like the hologram simultaneously present everywhere and in everything. My goal is to give life to their own kind. But life is not of the Earth, as you are used to interpret this concept, and the life of the soul. My life - eternal life, my possibilities are endless, my law is love. Love is the basis of eternal life and endless possibilities, its property - creation. In fact, love creates life. And because I'm perfect in love, give birth to their love of the souls in eternal life. In other words, the souls of all people undergo a process of maturation. They instilled a life-giving love. All souls will come sooner or later to perfection. That is, their love reaches perfection, and they will become like me, which is, as I said, my goal.

Every soul in the beginning of his way, gets necessary for life energy of love. Then it is embodied in the material world, where she provided opportunities for the development and multiplication of their own feelings of love. As I mentioned earlier, people do not always recognize these features, mistakenly taking them for problems. In fact, man has been given the situations in which he may at his own request to succumb to such feelings, what will fit. And if it is the sincere feeling of love, then it will be rewarded with itself in repeated profit, and all the consequences of this situation will occur in favor of this man. Seeing that the feelings of love brings him joy and improves the lives of people, of course, gets a good incentive for the establishment and development of yourself in this life-giving sense. Of course, this is if this man sees and recognizes cause-and-effect relationship in all that happens in his life, as his feelings affect his fate.
If in situations that are given to us for learning and improvement, man yields to other senses (for example: jealousy, anger, anger, resentment, hatred, pity, contempt), and the consequences for him would be relevant. The situation will either be really problematic for that person, or, at best, just don't do any good. The feelings he was experiencing, not being zhivotvoryaschij, on the contrary suck out the energy of love from the soul, which is fraught with consequences in terms of disease or the reduction potential in life. Moreover, this results in a vicious circle of repetition of such situations. Seeing and appreciating the fruits of their negative feelings, man seeks to replace them with others.

So, empirically, by trial and error, man comes to understand that only love makes him happy. Strengthening yourself in this understanding, the soul comes to perfection when there is one law of love. Such a soul is born into eternal life and becomes a full-fledged Creator with such boundless energy of love that can bear their own kind of eternal life.
However, this process of evolution is not one bodily incarnation of the soul. People, yielding negative feelings in learning situations and getting a negative result, instead of what used to seek more effective sense, continue to claim the destiny that the result did not meet their expectations. And following a learning situation is perceived with more rejection and resentment. Their mistake lies in understanding what and for what purpose they are given, and what benefits they can get. But the law of love does not judge anyone for mistakes. Therefore, the soul, passed after the death of the physical body is a kind of purification from negative habits of perception, reincarnated, opportunities for improvement.

And although the soul of man in his Earthly life gets a lot obviously favorable situations for the implementation of the feelings of love, however, and there is often an error occurs. For example, having a higher position at work, one begins internally and possibly externally to exalt himself above other people.
Actually, the sooner a person realizes that their best interests to perceive what is happening in his life with love, the faster it will break out of the vicious circle of problems. Practicing the perception of circumstances and people (including myself), people will notice all the great positive changes in their lives, more and more persuaded of the accuracy of their beliefs.
- You say that the feeling of love creates, and that the task of people to progress in this sense. But what is the definition of love that you call love? - I inquired.
Love in its highest manifestation is total acceptance. Like a healthy cell takes the body which it is a part and without which it cannot exist and develop. If you empirically come to the understanding that the surrounding environment you loves you as you are, and separate your ego leads you to the physical and mental decay. Then, realizing this, he'll start to feel love for the environment, accepting it as it is. The more that she does everything in order to save you from your own destructive ego, while maintaining your individuality. You will see a feeling of appreciation for all the circumstances (both past and present) and to all the people involved in your life process.

Your life depends on your influence on it at the present moment. In fact, in every present moment in time you consciously or unconsciously create my own destiny.
Often people automatically react to the world, often regret past mistakes, will neovastat current living conditions and wish a happy and prosperous future. However, all this does not fit into a logical chain of cause-and-effect relationships. As all your negative feelings and emotions, exercise now, will be again triggered by circumstances over time. And you, by habit, can react to it automatically, accusing all as circumstances and the people around you, and possibly yourself. Thus, people may unknowingly have a negative impact on their destiny through their own habits of feeling and expressing dissatisfaction (dissatisfied).
While it is always possible to stop and start the conscious formation of a new habit, a new attitude to life in the current moment of time. Enough to start every time something or someone irritates, provokes criticism, or just something not like to remember about the need to love yourself as you are, while respecting the right of others to think and act differently. Enjoy every present moment, taking all circumstances and initial conditions, knowing that life itself accepts you as you are and always finds a place and opportunity for the implementation of your character. What a place and what opportunities you will determine the fate depends on in what state of mind you are in the present moment and how you react to the outside world.

Actually everything in this world can be both good and bad for each of you, dependent on your relationships. Perhaps you known example with a kitchen knife, which, with the right attitude, can be used as a very useful tool, but if used improperly, they can kill people. Everything in your life can bring you either benefit or harm.
Man as a social being, from time to time may become a party to any disputes (discussions), as having their own opinion on a particular issue, this opinion has to be defended. Let's look at this situation as an example. This person has at least two variants of the attitude to the events that entail corresponding to each result. In the first case, he furiously fighting for his innocence. Its purpose is only to convince the opponent of his error and be forced to accept the truth of their opinions. After the discussion, he may even feel hostility towards his opponent, especially if he had not passed his position. In this approach, the deep negative emotions of our hero (who often also stretch a long train for some time) adversely affect his body, as any micro stresses gradually destroy. And, as mentioned above, these emotions provoke a new wave of provocative circumstances. Well, the result, in such relation to this situation, can hardly be called positive.
In the second case the aim of this person during the discussion to Express their opinion, justify and deliver it to your opponent, while respecting his right to his personal opinion on the matter. It is important to remember that each of you has the right to think and act differently. Of course, all people are subject to emotions, but if you treat this situation with understanding the emotions of our hero will be only superficial and will quickly dissolve and not having to creep into your soul. All because his opponent he will take not as a rival or enemy, and usually take a sparring partner in contact sports. That is, he will understand that this situation and this man give him the opportunity to improve, to perfect their skills and instead of micro stress to receive their award in the form of beneficial effects on your body and attract into your life the right circumstances. Naturally, in this respect, and the result will be very happy.

In fact, all people inherently love myself. But not always, this love is pure and unconditional. That is why, trying to justify himself, and they give a negative assessment of the current conditions (the circumstances, situations). Like, it's all those circumstances, people are not suitable surround here and can't reach the goal. And some of them may eventually recognize themselves as losers. Therefore, it is important to love yourself as you are in the moment, and instead of trying to justify ourselves, to accept our imperfection and begin to change their habitual reactions to events.
Any situation in your life is, first and foremost, the opportunity to develop the habit relates to my life so that life will bring you joy, success and prosperity. And, the more you will remember about the need for a positive assessment of the current circumstances, the faster it will become a habit and the greater will be the results (your success in life).

The more a person's ability to love, the more he is able to get what you want without any side effects. Of course, if it desires relate to him personally and not related to some specific other people. In other words, if you for example want a great material wealth, but because of the lack of love the feeling of condemnation or envy those who have the wealth, destiny, love for you, will not give you that now cause you Deplete your soul feelings. Because you're not yet ready to live in such an environment, as you destroy your own negative emotions caused by this habitat. Of course, you can go ahead and not waiting for long periods of gifts from the fate of, say, steal a large sum of money, or willfully to enter into a financially advantageous marriage (by calculation). But this obsession with the accumulation of wealth will have its logical outcome. And such actions will bring relevant side effects in the form of "problems" (or rather opportunities to correct their mistakes), which overshadows all the joy, once again proving your unwillingness to get what you want. So do not be envious of someone who has what you want. And to condemn them or experiencing any other negative feelings are not worth it. Much better and healthier to experience the full acceptance, as to these people and to their environment. After all, you want to have the same.

But what is unacceptable for you, as well, it is not necessary to condemn and to experience negative feelings. As again will get in response to their internal negative the same negative only from the outside. For example, condemn poor people wait for the blow to its prosperity. Hold a deep resentment towards the opposite sex - until you replace the offense sincere acceptance, do not wait for good relations with the members of this sex. I hate any human qualities - they are going to chase around, eventually manifesting itself even in you, as long as you still will not accept them. Do not seek Earthly justice, as this will lead you to damnation with all its consequences. Know that everything in your life (people and circumstances) is to develop in you the feelings of true love, even if you are not immediately able to see it and understand.
True love involves taking all that surrounds you, everything that occurs in your life. If you or someone will exalt, to idealize, to lift up on the podium, if not make up your mind, lose it or further away from the object of their excessive admiration. Everything in your life is a lever, a tool in the hands of your higher nature for creation (birth) loving you. So, how can you condemn one means or to exalt others? They are all useful for you. You and I (your higher nature) is the same. And, as I do not condemn, but grow in you love, and you, and learning (improving in love), cease to judge and to exalt my tools of influence on you. And begin to realize that it equally helps your development and welfare. The only question in your perception and attitude.
Of course, old habits are gone immediately. But don't judge yourself, if you notice that you are doing something wrong. Just  correct your  mistake and assess the lessons learned.


Every person born has a number of so-called "dormant genes. Which, in provoking his terms, how would Wake up. And inheritance is passed not only prone to various diseases, but also prone to certain feelings. Since feelings are, in fact, are the cause of disease. That is, if the parent is inherent, for example, the feeling of envy, his child is adjudged to be at risk. And under certain circumstances inherited from the parent feeling can begin to manifest. Moreover, it develops, it will grow and the child, so to speak, "outperform" its parent. And if the parent of jealousy was, for example, is hidden inside, the child can begin to lose control of their feelings and to explicitly demonstrate their envy. That may be the manifestation of a crime motivated by envy. So, raising children, it is important to create conditions for cultivating them positive feelings.
The human soul comes into the world with the "baggage" of their previous developments. She chooses Earthly parents according to their "baggage" in order to begin again his Earthly path with, than in his previous incarnation he was finished. However, to begin this journey with renewed vigor, purged, and after receiving a new portion of the energy of love is necessary for life.
Being born, a man gets his genetic make-up and initial conditions of life - all in accordance with their past practices. The initial conditions are most optimal for what used to understand the absurdity of those negative feelings that were inherent in him before. And in the course of life, abandoning these destructive feelings, take in your heart to love, constantly improving it. Born, people learn not only to speak, to walk, to read, to work, and the like, he also learns to respond to the environment. And if a parent would say to him, "do everything with love", these words alone will not give any result. After all, if man had never seen a car that will pass the theory driving without practice, it is unlikely he will be able to sit behind the wheel and be a full participant in traffic.

Children learn to do what others around them. In children's brains laid imitation of adults. And seeing the parent's reaction to the surrounding world, they take this "standard". Thus, the habit to respond to pathogens emotions and to experience certain feelings produced from childhood. So, to help your children, you must first work on yourself, transforming your feelings. And thus, show a good example to their children.
Although the theory as well as practice. The combination of theory and practice always gives wonderful result. Now in your human society from an early age to teach children everything needed for adult life. For this purpose, a system of education which gives the child a certain set of knowledge. But one of the most important knowledge for a person's education system is missing. But if during the formation of the psyche of the children to give the theory, engrafting them a sense of love, it is very beneficial to be displayed as on the fate of each of them, and the fate of society as a whole.
And when you grow several generations of knowledgeable people who care primarily about their souls, knowing that a win will be their nature, then society will change drastically for the better.

Chapter 6. RETURN
Well soon you will be born again in the Earthly life and will continue its path of development of the soul. Well, if you learn to notice a causal link between their feelings and the subsequent events. It will help you yourself to understand. And you will be able to practice conscious influence on their fate. Learning and practicing yourself, you will be a good example to people around you.
- Give me a chance to return to his present life, " I said, realizing that now I can correct many of your errors. I wanted to fill my life with fruits of new knowledge. And then to come here quite different. And though I doubted that he would grant my request, but to my surprise, he immediately agreed.
- If you want it, then let it be your way. I hope now you use its capabilities and acquire the necessary experience and skill, " he said. But remember that everything you including, have the right to be what they are. Being yourself, you can be both happy and unhappy person, irrespective of your internal state (state of mind, perception of the world and your relationship to him). So don't put major effort to change itself outwardly (change in behavior, speech, actions). Changing its internal state at the level of feelings, you will automatically provoke the necessary external changes in their behavior. What should be these external changes, the person does not know in advance. Therefore it is better to correct state of mind (his deeper feelings), and work on the externals to leave Providence. Remember that your happiness and your destiny in your own hands. Use your chance.

After these words, I again began to feel the physical weight, and my mind rushed back to my body. Another moment and I opened my eyes, realized that again in its former body.
As it turned out, instead, to die, I got the usual concussion and multiple bruises. Honestly, I'm not even sure that my meeting with my higher self was real. Perhaps all this flashed through my brain as a sort of dream, while I was out. Anyway, I changed my attitude to life. I started to notice a causal link between their deep feelings and events in my life. I began to consciously use the opportunities given me life, not perceiving them as a problem or as an occasion for the manifestation of pride. I just realized that as "good" and "bad" alike can be either helpful or harmful to me, regardless of my perception. I realized I always was the author of their own destiny. But now I create my own destiny not by inertia (as necessary), and quite deliberately.
It's been two years since that fateful day for me. During this time many things in my life changed for the better. And I am grateful to the occasion because he changed me, and as a result, and my life.
Nikolas Grafov.
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Submitted: January 20, 2015

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