My Heart Always Blongs To You

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Just some stuff I fell read it I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



Trusting you was my first mistake

But it was that risk I was willing to take

Life brings Up different roads that you have to choose from

You hope to pick that right one

I let you in my life

Hoping you'd be my wife

The first time we meet I'll never forget

 How you made me feel so happy

 I never would of never guessed ud make me feel so crappy

 You said we went to fast

And that we would never last

 That one person you hope Is right

 You get with her and always hold her tight

 You'll do anything to be her best

 Beating out all the rest

 We dated for awhile

I'll never forget the way you made me smile

 She said she didn't feel the same

 But those fellings still remain

 She built you up just to break you down

She tells you something that makes you frown

 I got so hurt I drove away

But no matter how far i go

 I just wanna let you know

 My heart always belongs to you

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