A Dream To Hold Onto

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A dream is anything but.

(Author's Note: This was something I'd blindly worked on a long while ago, my stories have now turned into books.)

Water trickles down the river nearby, clenasing everything on its way. A sweet scent rises from the frsh mud and green around the lonely girl, but she does not notice for she is in deep thought. To her, the trees have become monsters and the insects have become imposters.

A leaf crumbles in her hand as the first water droplets of the month splatter onto her shirt. The rainwater is suspiciously forceful, as if the clouds have commanded them to fall in a harsh manner. The girl smiles in realization: her brother had gotten his hands on the hose again, the one with a filter to make the water shower like rain. She jolts out of thought.

"This is nothing to worry about," the girl tells herself. "After all, it's only a diary I have lost. It will be returned."

Little did she know that, even as she told that, her best friend continued reading the softly scripted writing in the diary she had lost the very day.

The girl was not the kind who yearned for fame. She was one in a million. Her diary was not ordinary at all. It contained her drawings, her obsessions, her words woven into captivating stories and enchanting poems, her most secretive works of art and literature. It wasn't just a diar. It was the diary.

"Sarah, I need to tell you something." Her best friend says on the phone the very night, tears of joy in her eyes. Sarah found her call very peculiar as her best friend only called in the evening.

"Listen," her best friend persists. She tells Sarah all about the discovery of Sarah's diary and its contents. Sarah is only left speechless as her caller suggests her to spread her works. She shakes her head.

"I can't do that, Zoe. I don't want to." Sarah objects. Clearly, the suggestion is not favoured by her.

"You will be recognized by everyone. They will love you. For the first time, they weill want your friendship!" Zoe exclaims. Sarah reluctantly refuses and cuts the call, shuddering at the thought of what Zoe's idea would result in. She did not want anyone to interfere in something she did for fun. She had an aim at something completely different. Any mention of her huge hobby, and her dream will disappear.

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