(Author's note: It really does feel like God plays chess sometimes, you know?)

God plays a game of chess:
Life is the white,
And Death remains black.
Both of them are equal, none of them less.
He chooses right,
And wrongs they attack.

God plays it equal and fair:
When Life takes a pawn,
Alive and real and black.
Gods makes them share,
He lets Death take his pawn,
Dead and pale, but back.

Submitted: July 19, 2015

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H. Adams

The chess analogies... they're working for you. I loved this one too. The flow was wonderful... I feel like I'm being a bit of a bother by commenting on your writing so much, but whatever. I know you like seeing the comments, so I doubt you'll complain. Well done!

Sun, July 19th, 2015 4:51am


A few months ago, a night of thoughts got me deeply interested with the way chess works. I'd decided to compare them with life, and voila! YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT BOTHERING ME WITH YOUR COMMENTS. GODS, I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTS. Thank you.

Sat, July 18th, 2015 9:54pm

Jack Motley

For every action of life there is an equal reaction of death to balance the energy of life in the universe? Keeping the balance and such? Quite an interesting way of putting it, Grammarbully.

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 12:39am


Thank you, and that is precisely what I meant.

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 1:53am

Melancholic Wisdom

You grabbed me here with the title, I love the chess metaphors, it works really really well. While, I personally am not really religious, I am glad you took on the topic of religion. I like how the white is life and the black is death, that just worked really well. I loved the imagery. I actually used to play a lot of chess back in the day so it was easy for me to imagine it. Really great stuff you have here, well done!

Sun, September 13th, 2015 10:09pm


Haha, thank you so much!

Tue, September 15th, 2015 3:38am

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