Are they even Mindless?

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Chapter two of the stoy. I dont know why it isn't showing!!

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



Jasmine and Brittany walked down the wall when they were stopped by The Mean Girlz as they called themselves. It was Angela-the queen bee-, Claire, Klalise and last but just as stupid, Tisha.

Angela:I saw you two staring at them and if you even talk to Mindless Behavior I'll tell everyone about Jazzy's little disorder. Got it?

Claire: Yeah (Smirks) Got it?

Brittany :( Bell rings and everyone rushes to their classes) Okay I am tired of this! I will cut these bitches (Pulls out a knife)

Angela & Jasmine: No!(Jasmine grabs Brittany)

Claire: Come on and try it! (Angela grabs her)

Brittany: Muthafucka I swear to God!

Claire: Just try it!

Brittany: Come on bitch!

Claire: Try it!

Brittany: Come on!

Jasmine: Calm the fuck down!

Angela :( spots MB staring at them curiously POV:(OMG They are so fine!!! Time to make the bitches look bad)(Screams) WTF Jasmine???? We never do anything to you guys! Will you just leave us alone????

Jasmine: Whatever(Grabs Brittany and walks off)

******Later That Day********

MB:(POV: About to go see Roc's mom and his sister with our girls Angela, Claire, Klalise and Tisha. School was great except for those nerds Jasmine and Brittany. Usually its the populars’ messing with the nerds but it seems the other way around here. Hopefully Roc's mom cooked! End of POV) (Reach the house and knock on the door)

RM :( Opens the door) Boys! Your here!(Sees the girls) Who are these lovely ladies?

Roc's little sister Trinity comes to the door.

Trinity :(Eyes the girls) What’s so lovely about them?

RM: TRINITY!!!!!!(Turns to the others) Sorry about that. Apologize Sweetheart.(Gets a phone call from work) I have to go.(Walks to her car) OH and Trinity?(turns to her daughter) When they come you can go(Jumps in her car and drives off).

Trinity: Yes!

RM: (Comes back) But for your behavior, they're(Points at everyone else),are going with you.(Drives off)

Trinity: NO!

A black Range Rover came in the yard and Trinity turned to look at us.

Trinity: Let’s go

Roc: Not so fast .You need to apologize.

Trinity: Why?

Roc: Because I said so and I'm older than you!

Trinity: By a few months!(Huffs)Fine! (Turns to the girls) Sorry!

Jasmine, Brittany and Trinity's BFF Yanay from Miamijumped out the Rover.

Nay: Yeah she's sorry ya'll mamas made ya'll look like that!

Trinity: Girls!

Jassie; Hey chica!

Brittany: Ready to go?

MB and their girls POV :( Whoa! Is that Jasmine and Brittany? They look.....Beautiful!)

Trinity: I'm in punishment so they’ll have to come with us.

Jasmine: Umm... (Looks at them) Okay. Let’s go.

Jumps in the Rover and drives out of town. While Jazz is driving, her iPod which is hooked up to the stereo of her car is playing tunes like “No Games by Serani and Hold Yuh by Gyptian, etc” and all four girls are singing along. Just then, Roc had a question for his sister.

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