Bloody Red eyes

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I wrote this on the morning of today,Friday 30th December,based on something that the night before....and it is all true.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



Wake up,

My pillow is swollen in tears,

For I did not,

Go to sleep last night,

And how do you know,

I'm telling the truth?

Look at my now,

Bloody Red Eyes.

I watched in a mirror,

How I wish,

I could've stopped the pain,

My smile that was ever so fake,

Would not be on today.

I grabbed some black shades,

Some makeup at that,

So you know,

I must be desperate,

With my now,

Bloddy Red Eyes.

I passed millions,

Apon millions,

Fighting through the crowds,

So no one will notice,

My Bloddy Red Eyes.

I was finally alone,

So I sat down,

And had already started,

To break down,

With my of course,

Bloddy Red Eyes.

As I cried,

Ithought of you,

And what I had did,

And realized that If,

I hadnt apoligised,

I wouldn't have these,

Bloddy Red Eyes.

But I dont regret,

Because If I hadn't,

Done what I did,

Our friendship,

Would have still been over,

And no one would believe it ended,

With My,

Bloddy Red eyes.

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