Bree:A Crazy Life.

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Victoria and her newborn army went after The Cullens,not Bella. Truth be told,when the cullens returned back to Forks,the couldn't find Bella. Bree is left,and the Volturi want her dead,but what happens and how does Bella get in this?

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Bree's POV.

I watched as The Cullens tried to reason for my lufe with Jane,though they had no reason to. I looked up a tall tree and saw two people,a girl about 20 years old and a girl about 3 years. They stared at me as if they knew me and suddenly,I felt like I knew them.

They were vampires,but they weren't in our coven. I tried to think back human memories,and then I felt it. The older one was my dead brother's wife and his daughter.

Bella and Renesmee watched with knowing expressions,and when Bella caught my glance she flashed me a reasurring smile.Bella had only known me alittle when I was human,we met when I found out I had a brother who died at war.

At the funeral,when I heard he had a wife and daughter,I nearly fainted.When she laid eyes on me she knew who I was. Her and Renesmee welcomed me into their home.

I stayed for about a month.It was inside the forest of Forks,and we visited Seatle regularly.I left when Bella told me that she wanted me to stay there so she could watch over me and raise me like my brother would.

Jane stared at me and I felt my time was up. Then something clicked in my head. Carlisle,Esme. Renesmee Carlie. Bella told me stories of vampires and how she became one when we lived together.Bella knew the Cullens,she used to be with Edward. Just then,Feliz started to stalk to me. My time was up. I was going to see Diego,if he was really dead.

Just then,Carlie jumped out of the tree and ran in vampire speed around the Volturi,all they could do was stare.They thought she was an immortal child.She ran and jumped on Esme's back and screamed "If you touch me I'll kill her!".

"An immortal child?"Jane screamed along with Jasper,Carlisle and the rest of the Volturi.

"She's not fully immortal I was human when I gave birth to her"Bella said,jumping out of the tree.

"Bella"I said happily.

"Bree,do you want me to kill myself? Why the hell did you leave?One second I watch you go in your room to study the next I find a frigging note?!!"

"I had nothing to say"

"Well I'm just happy your okay"She said hugging me then continued to speak to Jane,"Jane,I'm sure Aro wouldn't like it if I had to speak with him about you killing my niece. He wouldnt like it if I killed all of you so leave because Bree has self control,and there is no law against creating vampires you can control"

"Bella I've missed you"Jane said with a sincere smile."Me too"Bella said as the Volturi began to retreat and finally they left.

Thecullens turned to Bella and I,and Carlie jumped off of Esme and onto Bella.She kissed Bella on the cheek and as if on schedual,the whole Cullen clan asked the same question,"Bella?"

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