Jessica's Diary

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I wrote this in school for some reason. I just felt like it.

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



I sat hurdled in the corner,watching the newly found scars on my body. I could hear all the commotion downstairs,my father came home drunk again. His girlfriend had walked in on the abuse and stopped him;I crawled up to the attic sorrowfully,I always came here to cry.

My mother had died;I was convinced that my father killed her, tortured her to her possible death. If it weren't for Candy,he would have probably done me the same. I was awakened from my train of thought by the sound of the door slamming. There was a knock on the door and it pushed open softly.

"Jess?",Candy's voice echoed through the empty cellar.

She pushed the boxes away,revealing me. She gasped at the bruises,the blood,the hurting. Her eyes were over flown with tears as she knelt beside me.

"Where....where is he?",I forced out.

"He left. He packed his bags, grabbed his keys,gave me a wave of his middle finger and left,"Candy said.

She took my hand and pulled me off the floor slowly,that doesn't mean it didn't hurt,and helped me to the exit of the attic and helped me down the old wooden steps. We walked into my bathroom and she turned on the hot water and left me alone. I stripped myself of the remainder of my clothes and got in the shower.

In case I haven't mentioned,my name is Jessica,this is my diary. I have my life in this little book. The abuse,death of my mother,abuse,introduction of Candy,abuse,did I mention abuse? Well let me tell you how it all started.


I sat on the lap of my mother as she combed my golden brown ringlets through with her fingers. After she was done,we started to watch a movie. Just half-way through,the sound of my dad's car was heard. As he stepped out of the car,we could notify by his walk that he was drunk. My mother pulled me behind her to hide me. He stumbled into the house with a bottle of red wine in his hand.

He walked over to my mom and yanked her off the couch and kissed her. She tried to push him off of her she never liked the taste of alcohol. He,being to strong against her,threw her into the wall. I heard some bones snap,and I ran to my helpless mother. My dad pushed me out the way and gripped me by my shirt and threw me upstairs into my room. I jumped off the floor and to my door and tried to open it,but something was blocking it.

My mother screamed in pure pain,causing my heart to practically shatter. I felt the bare floor under the palms of my hands,and then my back. I felt like I couldn't breathe,I wrapped my arms around my chest tightly,and I closed my eyes.


"Why do you do that?"Candy asked, lightly tugging on my arms that were bounded around my chest.

I hadn't realized that I left the shower,gotten dressed or went back to Candy.

"It think about her," I said.

Candy knew my mother,Candy was my babysitter,my mother begged her to take care of me,and my father eventually married her. Against her will of course. He told her that if she didn't, she won't be taking care of me any more. She knew how he treated me and agreed,even though I begged her overly not to. Now he's gone. It has always been me against the world. Then Candy came along.

Candy walked back upstairs with a tray of food in her hands. I hadn't realized she left. She placed the tray in front of me and I ate. We started to watch a movie and I drifted slowly to sleep.

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