Mrs. Right. A Mindless Behavior Love Story:Part two

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Chapter two!!!

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



*****Roc and Vanessa*****

Roc: (POV: Its time for them to leave already?????? I was really feeling this girl!~ I wonder if she would want to be my Mrs right? She seems to be enjoying me as much as I am enjoying her cause I really want her to be my girl.Lord,don't let her be crazy!)(POV ends)Hey Ness?

Vanessa: Yeah Roc?

Roc:I really had fun tonight. I learnt so many things I love about you.

Nessa: Like  what?

Roc: Like how you love animals,and dancing,and how you look at the good in people and not their pasts,and how looks don't mean everything to you in a guy but his personality only,(Takes Vanessa's hand), or how you love me(winks)

Nessa: Now I'm guessing you want my number?

Roc:Nah,I want your number,address and you

Nessa:You know thats a classic player move,but I'll let it slide 'cause your Roc Royal.(Gives him the number.)

*****Prince and Amy******

Prince: (POV:If you could get her attention from everyone else for a second while they leave she would have to stay with me. Jacob Perez that is devious but good. Maybe you should start off with getting her number)(POV ends) Hey beautiful,can I have some digits(Mexican accent)

Amy: Your mexican?

Prince:How did you guess?

Amy:My dad is half mexican,I can recognize the accent anywhere. And here(hands him a piece of paper) Theres yo digits.

*******Prod and Sasha******

Prod:Hey Shay,can I have your number?

Sasha: OMFG! SURE! YES! HERE!( hads him a piece of paper)

********RayRay and Tammi*******

Ray:So T, I was wondering if I-

?????:I know you wasn't about to ask this ugly whore for her number?????

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