Not a moment of regret...

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Love letter to my fiance

Sometimes life is a blur, everything passes by so fast. You lay there at night, looking at the ceiling, the minutes passing by on the clock. It all seems to be pointless. Everyone you meet are strangers, they’re all the same, living their life, in their own world; Everyone afraid to be hurt, to be let down, and abandoned when they’re lying in the dust.

Here we are in a world full of people and no one for you, no one there to open up and share those special moments. To be vulnerable to your love, to trust you, and you start to wonder… who is out there?

You go on your usual day, but today is different. The sun shines a little brighter, the air is cold, but it’s calm. You don’t know what awaits you, just hoping for the best. Then it happens, a glimpse, a smile, that moment in your life when everything changes. You see her and everything fades away. It’s just her, time slows, and you want that moment to last forever.

She starts to walk away, you can’t let her go, you feel your heart being torn apart as she walks away.

In your life you meet people.
Some you never think about again.
Some you wonder what happened to them.

That night laying in bed, you didn’t have to wonder what would of happened because you took the leap of faith. You approached her, you made yourself vulnerable, you took a chance, something that you will never regret. She accepted you into her world, she trusts you with all her heart and you with yours, you share those special moments where no one else knows about, life has its ups and downs but she’s by your side and that’s all that matters.

And there you are at night lying in bed next to her.

As the years pass by,

You look at her and she’s so beautiful.

Every detail about her is perfect.

It seems every year you love her more.

Every year she is more beautiful.

She is the one you that changed your life

How do you explain that to someone, that they are your everything, words don’t describe how you feel when you are with her, how the world drags on when she isn’t around, the colors seem brighter when she is around, and dull when she’s gone.

You can’t, you just love her, and let your love shine through the darkness.

Vivian, I love you so much, I can’t describe how I feel when I’m with you. I see you and everything still fades away, I saw a girl that day that I couldn’t live my life without. These four years together have been the best time of my life, and every day I wonder how I got such a perfect women. As we grow together and get older, I realize it doesn’t matter if we’re lying in the dust or on top of the world, it doesn’t matter, as long as we’re by each other sides, holding our hands together on this one-way ticket journey. I wouldn’t redo anything in my life because I met you, and if changing a single thing meant I wouldn’t have met you that day, I could live with all the regrets in my life, but not spending the rest of it with you I could not forgive myself.

I will always love you.


Submitted: January 06, 2013

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The story

A moving poem and a superb ending . I lokk interested to read more of your work

Sun, January 6th, 2013 9:55am

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