The Man In the Shadows

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The man behind the shadows, he follows us all.

Submitted: February 23, 2015

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Submitted: February 23, 2015



And Suddenly I became aware that someone was with me. As I ventured into my thoughts, I realized he was there all along from the beginning, in the background, hiding in the shadows. At first I never noticed, he never showed his face, everything was perfect, times were simple, it all made sense. As I grew I caught glimpses of his shadow, not fully understanding what I saw, I chose to ignore it as some many others. I got lost in my sense of immortality, I thought, surely I would never face him. But with everything comes a beginning and an end. When I least expected him he presented himself to me. I turned and looked and behold there stood Time, standing behind me, waiting. My heart sank when I saw him. No. No. No not yet. Not here, not now. I screamed, I begged at his feet. He looked down upon me and said nothing. Nothing. How could he say nothing to me? Is he a mortal? Does he know the heart-wrenching pain of loss? Does he feel the sting of death? Does he know the absolute indescribable feeling of joy when looking at your child for the first time and thinking, this is mine? Does he know the power of love? The courage of a man to protect his family? Does he know how it feels to be held by someone you hold dearer than anyone else in your fragile life? He can’t know any of these things. He is Time. He is no mortal. I had been fooled all along; I had been playing his game. And so I cursed Time. I profaned his name in the streets, and declared his vanity on the rooftops. . Still he followed me around like a vulture chasing a bleeding dog.  He loves us mortals, Time does. He mocks our ignorance of the infinite, he pleasures himself on our disregard of the divine. But it was too late, my dreams, my expectations were to be closed in one of his chapters. I pleaded with him for more time on this earth. I wasn’t finished, I told him. I just needed a few more days. Just a few. I needed to say good-bye, to tell them how much they meant to me, that I made many mistakes but I would do anything for them. He stared into my eyes, and the chapter closed.

As I looked down, I saw it all, the game was fixed, there was no cheating him. As I watched others join me, I realized, the time was now; the time to show them you love them was now, the time to grab your dreams was now, to stand and fight for what you believe in was now, to live a life you don’t regret, to be able to stare at him and laugh was now. But it didn’t matter now, my memory lost in the chapters of time.

The alarm clock rings, and I awake. The sun is shining, what a beautiful day…

I turned and looked and behold…

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