Requiem( i dont care, that what i called it, thats what it's being called)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Riddles  |  House: Booksie Classic
a short script for a very in depth multiple theory allegory.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012














Written by Grandus



















Page 1

Scene 1

Exterior street day

A man in a ruffled suit is walking forward almost being pulled by an unknown force. His eyes are white and as he gets to a park, he falls forward onto the grass. He awakens moments later with normal eyes, he has no idea what is going on. He looks around, scratches his head, and confusedly scurries into the park itself. A strange humanoid creature with a insect head approaches him and starts to speak in an unknown language.


dnim eht hguorht si noitavlas ot htap eht

the man has the most confused look on his face and almost says something but manages to pull himself back. Beezy then raises and puts forth his right hand to revile an eye drawn onto him. Then he pulls it back grasping it as if it burns him.


efas eht kcolnu!!!

yek eht dnif!!!

Beezy runs away scared and the man walks on confused. He spots a normal looking man and attempts to communicate. He taps the average on the shoulder, and is about to speak but before he can, the average speaks

The Average

?me to Talk

?you dare How

!everything am I and nothing are you

forwards go to backwards go to need you



Page 2

The average points to him a path that he must follow and so without question the man follows the path. Written in chalk the word knowledge. He walks on until the pointer appears from nowhere. The pointer does not talk but only points. He points down the path of remembrance. The man is about to say something but the pointer puts his finger to his mouth and points more. The man obliges and walks on, up a hill. This is where the man meets the color man.


Hello my child, how goes your venture? Oh that’s right in haven’t properly introduced myself as properly. My name is Roy G Biv and I am the colorman. I am the one who colors the world…psst wanna hear a secret? My favorite color is…Allofthem. Allofthem is a color I created back in pq89…that’s when the universe was beige…awful color beige, to bad the universe was beige. Why couldn’t it have been periwinkle. I suppose that’s what father always wanted…beige. Oh will you look at the clock, it is half past K. well I had better get trippin… and you should too! Just follow the dirt. Don’t eat it tho.

The man picks up some dirt and shoves it in his pocket. Then he ventures forth and meets a man in a robe.


Hey man, it’s the end. Don’t you know? The end. Time is dead. You don’t exsist!

The Man

Who am i?


You are nobody. You are dead, forgotten. The end! Just leave!nothing else here for you too see. Don’t even think about the situation, just go. Leave! Goodbye and good riddance.

The man has a look of realization on his face then he knows and remembers

Page 3

Scene 2


A replay of what beezy said. He remembers about the key

Scene 3

Exterior park day

The man then pulls a key gun from his jacket pocket and loads it with dirt. VO of Colorman telling him don’t eat the dirt. It plays backwards

The Man

The end is the beginning.

Beginning the is end the.

Gninnigeb eht si dne eht

The man then then pulls the trigger and kills himself. Then the entire sequence is played in reverse until the beging in the street. Instead of collapsing in the park the mans unconscious mind walks on forever and ever.

The end!!!










Page 4

© Copyright 2020 Grandus. All rights reserved.

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