Occupation in Free Verse

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word on the street about income inequality

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011





Occupation in Free Verse


When in the course of Human events

It becomes necessary for the 99%

To peaceably assemble, fingers pointing

and declare the mainstream is emptying

out into the pockets of the greedy OnePerCenters

When in the course of unworkable events

the jobless occupy megabits in airwaves

Chanting in very nearly constitutional hand signals

Ask yourself: Who wants to vacate the general welfare

or watch their livelihood trickle down like a short sale

Falling over the Dow Jones rocks of political silence

Into a congress living in privileged affluence

When in the course of Human events

We the people in order to occupy

A more perfect union not a Walled

Street, we the people, park ourselves

Taxed to speculate on what

course the damned up corporate

income streamers will

of course,

loophole next




November 3, 2011

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