No One Can Know

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©Stacie Ghia Jansen van Vuren

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




Sometimes when I am surrounded

Is when I feel most alone.

There are people everywhere, all around,

And yet no one can know who I am.


The laughter swirls around me like a flutter of butterflies

But none can settle on me for I am their poison.

People talk about their shallow lives and their hollow dreams

And my heart shudders with morbid laughter.


They think I am just like them

Although they wonder why my aura is black.

Their subconscious is possessively fascinated with me

And they try too hard to trick their way into my head.


I am immune to their happiness and their love.

I can neither feel it nor return it.

I use them as they use me

And we each grapple for the feeling of a fake security.


I scream inside their heads

But they choose not to hear.

I bleed in front of them

And they close their eyes.


Each one is wrapped up in the selfishness of their own lives,

Too cold and cruel to weep for the crying child.

And yet one day when they become that child

They wonder why no one stops.

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