Hopeless but still

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Yearning and feeling the pain of solitude and remoteness from your beloved.

Submitted: February 15, 2011

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Submitted: February 15, 2011



I wait, I wait, I wait
It will go on and on
May never end
Never conclude
But still I wait
I do not watch
From shadows stare
Stood naked on Baron rock
Eyes shut
With chin on chest
My arms flayed
Palms open,
Blood runs and leaks from my damaged heart
Body numb from my inward exposure
The elements no test of my being
Though they try hard for a foothold of weakness
Again you did not come,
I dress and take the journey
Back to my reality
Pushed you and your cruelness back,
To the furthest place of my mind
Where I will make you wait
Until the pain of you is required
Summoned by my tormented soul
To strip and wait in that lonely place
Void of any life or person
For another torturous
Fruitless wait of however long
Wait again for you
When again you do not come
If you did there would be no surprise
You don't and that is a releif
No assumption or expectation is best
I dress again
you are gone,
but only for now,

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