The Ruin of Souls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Is gray what he is cut out to be

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



“Gray, help me!” shouts Troy from another room in the cave.

“What do you want, you paranoid freak?” responds Gray sarcastically.

“I want you to get in here and help me….” Troy’s voice trails off.  “I think I woke IT up.”

“Oh it…”Gray responds sarcastically.  “What is IT?” Gray asks harshly then mutters under his breath, “You idiot.”

“I think it’s Jeku,” Troy yells casually.

“I call you on a bluff.”

“I’m not… whoa!” Troy shouts loudly.

“Yeah whatever,” Gray brushes the thought aside, without a second thought.

“Ahhhh…. Gray get in here.”

“No thanks,” Gray says politely.

“Now Gray,” Troy yells commandingly.

“Okay fine,” Gray walks in.  “Holy crap, you weren’t kidding.”

“No you think,” Troy responds sarcastically.

“Ummmm would this help?” Gray draws a perfectly forged blade; “I call it the Soul Caliber, and do you like it?”

“That would have been perfect ten freaking minutes ago!” Troy yells rudely.

“Now now be nice,” Gray says politely.

“No I won’t be nice,” Troy says rudely then Jeku throws Troy across the room. “Ahhhhhhhh!”

“Troy!” Gray yells concerned that his friend might be hurt.

“I’m fine; just kill that damn demon, NOW!!” Troy stands up and runs out.

 “Okay, mightily stupid Jeku, I’m not sure whether you are smart or not, but I have to kill you to get past you, I only seek the Holy Grail.”

“None may pass, either you leave or you die pitiful human,” Jeku says harshly.

“Oh no you didn’t,” Gray says sassily.

“Oh no I didn’t ummm what?” Asks Jeku stunned by a new phrase he has never heard before.

“You did not just call me pitiful, you filthy demon,” says Gray harshly.

“Are you stupid, human?” Asks Jeku inquisitively.

“No I’m just really disgruntled at you for calling me pitiful,” Gray replies angrily.

“Whatever you stupid human,” Jeku says rudely.

“Okay that’s it,” Gray runs at Jeku with his sword in hand, “I’ll kill you.”

“You are a human; you definitely cannot defeat me, not now, not ever,” Jeku laughs harshly his voice getting louder all the while.

“Oh so I’m nothing, am I so small that I can’t defeat you, you are being all ‘godmod’ you think I can’t defeat you, this will be the last day you will see life,” Gray says that while striking the demon.

“I’m not defeated so easily,” Jeku laughs.

“Oh whatever,” Gray says sarcastically.

“Grrrrrr you are making me really cantankerous, you pitiful human,” Jeku keeps growling.

“Oh stop it, you are like a little puppy, growling solves nothing.”

“I’m not a puppy,” Jeku roars.

“Well then stop acting like one GOT IT!!! It is making me really furious, and by the by, I can growl too, see grrrrrrrr,” Gray starts mimicking Jeku.

“Stop it!” Jeku yells

“No thanks,” replies Gray evilly.

“Grrrrrrr you will die!” Shouts Jeku loudly.

“Ummmmm yeah sure I will,” Gray says sarcastically.

“Yes you will,” Jeku yells harshly.

“You know what?” Gray asks.

“What?” Jeku asks rudely.

“You need to go die in a hole,” Gray says harshly.

“I will never die,” Jeku says harshly.

“Fine here I go,” Gray runs at Jeku.

“Die human,” yells Jeku.


“Time won’t make this better,” yells Jeku.

“This is the facts.” Shouts Gray stabbing the demon.

“This can’t be happening no human especially mortal human can defeat me.”

“Well you should always beware of the true name of the humans it gives us more power than anyone else and my true name is Argetlam never forget that while you burn in hell and stay in my memories where you belong,” Gray says angrily.

“I will…….. Never be a memory,” Jeku says harshly then dies.

“Finally he was a pain to kill but still…….what the hell,” Looking to his left Gray sees that Jeku is still coming back from the dead.

“Foolish human I rule hell I can leave when I want,” says Jeku confidently.

“Fine then what if I wish to join you,” Asks Gray inquisitively.

“Then you will have to pay with your soul,” Jeku responds confidently.

“Fine, take it,” Says Gray quickly.

“Okay,” Jeku then removes Gray’s soul.

“What is this new even more powerful power I’m feeling?” Asks Gray with an evil smile on his face.

“I have given you more power by removing your soul you are now my equal but my brother must be destroyed along with Troy.”

“Fine how do you want me to go about it,” Asks Gray.

“We will both kill my brother you will take care of Troy on your own,” Jeku says smiling.

“When should I kill Troy?” Asks Gray.

“Sooner rather than later,” Jeku says while smiling evilly.

“Okay I’ll go now,’ Gray says as he leaves.

“Foolish boy you’ll die before you get there,” Jeku laughs as he talks.

“Yeah sure I will,” Gray says walking back in the room.

“Wait, what, how?” Asks Jeku.

“I finished already,” Gray says casually.

“Really how did you do it,” Asks Jeku inquisitively.

“I stabbed him duh,” Gray sassily replies.

“Don’t use that tone with me,” Jeku says angrily.

“What are you going do? Growl me to death,” Gray asks sarcastically.

“Grrrrrrr yes,” Jeku says growling.

“Okay you can shut up now,” Gray says irritated.

“Fine, wait no I won’t stop,” Jeku says just to irritate Gray.

“Now or I will stab you again,” Gray says tapping his foot.

“Okay fine you win,” Jeku says with a look of defeat on his face.

“Oh by the way I already took care of your brother Reku,” Grays Proudly.

“Good job,” Jeku says proudly

“Now it’s you who will die next,” Gray says in a matter of fact like tone.

“Only my brother’s sword can kill me and you don’t have it,” Jeku says smiling.

“Are you sure I don’t have it,” Gray stabs Jeku.

“I hate you human,” Jeku takes his last breath and dies for the last time.

© Copyright 2020 Gray. All rights reserved.

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