A Look at my Next two Books

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A preview of my next two novels that will soon be realeased! I hope you have enjoyed my previous writing because its about to step it up a notch!

Submitted: June 22, 2011

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Submitted: June 22, 2011



Cynder Clare De Lune

French for Cynder moonlight is the title of one of my upcoming novels. The main characters Cynder.Kanson and her old sister Zoey Kanson both posess a unique power. They were both found near-death on the back porch of a country home. The people who live there kindly took them in and still loved them even after their secret came out. But something was chasing them that night, the night that only comes around once every 6 years. The day when their powers can no longer protect them do to the position of the moon. They know whats coming but their fmily is clueless and in danger. When Cynder is forced to use her powers to save a boy, Wind Yullen, she is forced to take him in until all is explained. But things start to happen...

Full Metal Wolf

You may have heard of the anime Full Metal Alchemist. I have decided to continue it, but with my own twist that will compell you to keep reading. Aunetta Ermine has a gift that fell into the wrong hands. She's being used as an assasin. It troubled her at first, but she feels near nothing now. Yet when she is assigned two brothers Edward (Ed) and Alfonze (Al) Elric, she begins to be troubled again. There is something more about them. But she knows that they wil come after her. For the first time though, she has a choice. But disaster strikes on the train forcing Aunetta to help. But now the three of them Al, Ed, and Aunetta must run. For dear life they live as drifters, but the adventure keeps coming enemies tracking, and her old owners still searching. It all leads up to one word, that covers the story.

hope you decide to tke a look at them when they come out! They are already started but won't be released until Where We Stand is finished! Thank you very much!

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