tale of great Virtumus

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this is the beginning of a great story of the hero Virtumus. he isnt here in this part of the story yet but i just feedback from people about the setup and the characters so far.

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



it was a sunny day in Golden Horn. This village was a place where none of the dark powers of the outer world could come close for a magical power of good was in place. people that lived in Golden Horn was not aware of the evil outside of their homeland, they just thought everywhere else was as beautiful and peaceful. our hero of the story had not been yet born at this peaceful time. his time will come and i will tell you his story, but for what had happened before his time is almost as important as our hero's journey, therefor we will start with how shadow fell upon the beautiful Golden Horn.  

at the time of King Superior Rex simply called king Rex, Golden Horn was a kingdom worth telling stories about its greatness and its beauty. it was located in a great forest called ______, and the people of Golden Horn and the animals of the forest had been living in peace with each other for thousands of years. even though these animals did not have the ability to talk, they had their ways of communicating. 
golden horn was located in the middle of the forest and there was a great lake that ran right through the kingdom. the forest and the lake provided everything that the town people needed to live, no one had set their foot outside of the forest for more than 100 years now for they had everything they needed where they lived. 
king rex had been on the throne for more than 60 years now and his time was coming to an end. his two sons Arten and Bivar were now well educated but still had a lot to learn. they for the most part got along well but almost everything was nothing more than jokes to them. their older sister Miya was the king's favorite for she was the wisest and had a good knowledge of things that mattered in the kingdom. King's wife, Queen Eli had died many years ago, this was probably the worst thing that had happened in Golden Horn for ages. king rex and his daughter Miya would take long walks to where queen Eli was buried, and they would talk about anything for it was their private time. 

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