My Mother, My Enemy

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Submitted: January 05, 2019

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 I was born in the mid 1960’s, in the late fall. The youngest of six children, I was born to a feebleminded, abusive woman who only wanted children just so she can get on welfare. Because she had to keep us in order to receive her welfare stipend, as a result, we suffered at the hands of a lousy, careless individual. Many atrocities befell my siblings and I due to her lack of love and concern for us.

When I was young I remembered being scalded by hot coffee. My elder siblings went through worst treatment and in return they took their anger out on me. My mother witnessed all the issues my siblings and I went through, yet she did nothing or got help for her abusive ways. As the years gone by, my mother has done everything in her power to destroy my life. We were denied basic needs, such as sneakers to play gym in school and we often went hungry for days.

Later on I learned that a family member tried to help my mother by offering her a house and a job in one of the stores that they owned. She turned down the offer. One day one of my brothers was hit by a car and killed. My mother would always sent us out to play, never coming with us to assure our safety.

I truly believe in the Most High (God) and everyone must face judgment for their sins. Fast forward to today, my mother is a senior and is living alone. No one visits or cares about her wellbeing, having to wait for strangers for care. As a result of her abusive ways towards her children, now she will know how it feels to be neglected and abused.

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