Did you meet a man like me

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What price a beautiful girl pays

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



I saw the picture you posted on your profile

There was something missing in your face

Your smile

the sweet girl that I knew just wasn't there

Eyes void of charisma and barren of grace

What horrors did you witness

What atrocities did you see

or Did you just meet up with a man like me

What was the genesis of this Apathetic distain

What did he do, so deep inside of you

To cause this effect

Did you love him so deeply

you and accepted neglect

Was the toll for your lifestyle

your self respect

Did you have to beg for attention

and were denied every plea

Or did you fall in love with a man like me

Did your psyche grow armor to help you survive

did you safeguard your faculties

From impending demise

Did your consciousness retreat

As your defenses arise

Is that what took the joy from your eyes

Did you lock your up your resolve

and throw away the key

Is that how you survived a man like me

Was he someone once so kind

then turned so cruel

Did tenderness become far between

and all too few

Did he strip you of your humanity

Did he disrespect You to soothe his vanity

Did verbal forays Make you doubt your own sanity

was it the constant attacks that finally caused you to flee

Did you stay too long but then had to run

To get away from a man like me


Is it revenge or redemption you want to impart

forever changed your demeanor now bitter once sweet

Is it kimdness or cruelty that makes you complete

Do you smile, when scheming to mask your deceit

Do you treat men like adversaries

and leave them in debris

And forever protect yourself from A man like me

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