One Night!

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one night stands

Submitted: June 16, 2009

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Submitted: June 16, 2009



One Night


They all look different, But it ends the same

The ego boost mixed in with post coital bliss

(You know I never do this)

Except once in college

My sarcastic retort is so hard to resist

Somehow you gained this carnal knowledge

was it my bullshit that got your clothes on the floor

(No, your not a whore)

Or your own deep problems that served as a catalyst

If you were sober, you wouldn’t acknowledge that I evenexist

Just know this , it was all apart of an endless twisted game

So next time you see me, you wont look at me the same

Instead next time when see me, just consider it fate

Drop a few shots and let yourself go

Tomorrow morning you can (once again)deal with your own self hate

and rationalize that it was your intoxication, that was a means to this end

and If next time you practice better discretion, I’ll just hook up with your friend

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