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Basic instruction for raising a daughter

Submitted: June 07, 2014

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Submitted: June 07, 2014



Remember to tell her she is a beautiful person every day.
So she will know she is beautiful just the way she is.

Remember she is human and will make mistakes
So don't be to harsh, we made some too.

Remember once spoken, hurtful words last forever.
So choose what you say carefully and she will speak kindly to others.

Remember not to lash out in anger.
So she learns to control her own temper.

Remember she has been taught to ask why.
So as not to follow any idea or authority blindly.

Remember "Because I said so" is not a good answer to a question.
So she knows that whatever is asked of her, has a purpose.

Remember she needs your guidance now.
So someday she can navigate this world solo.

Remember she needs your understanding and patience.
So she will show patience with others.

Remember to pick her up when she falls short.
So she can Pick herself up in the long run.

Remember she loves you regardless.
So show her you love her regardless.

Remember to cherish every moment with her.
So your time together  draws you closer when far apart.

Remember to take the time and talk to her now.
So she knows you will always be there to listen in the future.

Remember she is the best of both of us.
So after we are gone she will remember only the best of us.






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