Love over a skateboard?

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"No Dammit, I saw it first asshole"She yelled in my face. Damn skater chicks can be pretty fuckin vicious and so dam hot. I mean seriously damn.

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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Submitted: April 08, 2010



Haha, wow just a quick one-shot, I wanted to try out on you guys, I kinda got the idea from me and my frieds new book, The Hidden Truth, the accounts name is JCWiledge(yep thats our names combined) any ways just a cute little idea I came up with:D.

Umm next chapter of One little thing will be up i about 30 minutes:D YAY!

Hey mom I'm gonna go check out the skateboard shop”I yelled from the living room.

“OK, sweetie have fun”She yelled back.

I walked out and got on my old skateboard, this town seems ok so far. I hate moving, especially when I loved my old school.

Once I pulled up to the front doors there was a sign that said;' all skateboards here are hand-made, so do not believe anyone that say they have the same board as you, yours truly StreetSkate'

Dude that's insane. These boards must be high up on the money scale.

I walked in and almost immediately saw the board I wanted, a girl,(a hot girl)walked in right behind me.

At the same time we yelled “I WANT THAT ONE”I looked to see where she was pointing. Shit. I looked at her and she was glaring at me.

I went up and told the clerk, the one I wanted.

“Dammit, no asshole, I saw it first”the girl yelled at me.

“No you didn't”I told her simply.







“Told you”She smirked at me.

“That's the oldest trick in the book”I yelled.

“Exactly”She winked. Dammit, suddenly my hormones over took me.

“You can have that board if you let me take you out”I smiled.

She thought about my deal, then she smiled.

“For the board”She smiled ad shook my hand agreeing with my deal. So she bought that one and I bought another.

And, now, one year later, I still don't regret giving up that board.

You get it right?

HAha I kow it's short, but I loved the idea:)

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