Charlene 2

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Submitted: April 27, 2019

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Submitted: April 27, 2019



Part 1

Reiji – Will you stop slurping your soup;


Kanato – You’re not the boss of me!


Shu – So Charlene, how are you finding it here?


Charlene – Interesting;


Laito – Interesting, you are in a mansion full of hot guys;


Subaru – You still have not told us why you don’t have a boyfriend;


Charlene – Because it is not the path I chose;


Shu – Having a boyfriend is not a path choice;


Reiji – It’s companionship;


Shu – That will last until you die;


Reiji - So the next generation can continue your family business;


Charlene – I am not going to have children;


Subaru – What;


Kanato – Why?


Charlene – My career comes first;


Ayato – Selfish woman!


Charlene – How is that being selfish!


Reiji – Alright you two;


Charlene – Not all women dream of having a husband and family;


Kanato – What about male friends?


Charlene – I am okay in having male friends, but dating not for me;


Laito – Are you trying to tell us something?


Charlene – Don’t get that idea!


Kanato – What idea?


Shu – You are too young to know;


Kanato – What do you mean I’m too young to know;


Reiji – Look, can we just eat dinner;


Silence at the dining table;


Laito – If its pussy you want, I can hook you up;


Subaru – Oh for god sake Laito!


Laito – She clearly said that she doesn’t like dicks;


Charlene – And I said don’t get that idea;


Laito – So you do like dicks?


Shu – Jesus Christ please stop;


Laito – When was the last time you came close to one;


Reiji – Enough Laito!


Laito – It was just a question;


Kanato – Can someone please pass me the soy source my salmon is a little dry;


Charlene picks up a small dish of soy source;


Charlene – Would you like me to put it on your salmon?


Kanato – That’s very kind of you;


Charlene gets up with the soy source;


She comes over to Kanato;


Charlene pours the soy source onto his salmon;


Charlene – You want a bit more?


Kanato – No that’s okay;


Charlene - Okay;


She walks back;


Charlene sits back down;


Subaru – You did not have to do that;


Charlene – I was close to it;


Ayato – Ah shit!


Charlene – What’s happened;


Ayato – My wine spilt;


Charlene – I will call the butler;


Ayato – It will take forever;


Charlene – No it won’t, Pascal;


He comes over to Charlene;


Pascal – Yes Miss Charlene;


Charlene – Ayato has spilt his wine, could you get him another one;


Pascal – Sure Miss Charlene, and by the way you are looking wonderful this evening;


Charlene – Thank you;


Ayato – I thought you said that you did not want a boyfriend!


Charlene – What is saying thank you got to do with wanting a boyfriend!


Shu – Will the two of you stop fighting;


Ayato – Flirtatious Bitch!


Charlene – So I’m guessing you don’t want another glass of wine;


Ayato – I do but not requested from a slut like you!


Charlene – You better watch your mouth, because I am close in giving you a bruising;


Pascal – Does this mean the wine you requested for Master Ayato is no longer relevant?


Charlene – The bastard called me a bitch and a slut!


Reiji – Look, if the two of you don’t stop fighting, I may have to ask you both to leave the table;


Charlene – Fine;


Charlene gets up;


She turns;


Charlene walks over to the dining room door;


She opens the door;


Ayato – Don’t let the door hit you on your way;


Charlene walks out;


Ayato – Close the door!


Charlene’s voice -Piss off!


Subaru – Well this is turning out to be an un-interesting dinner time;


Charlene walking along the corridor;


She sees Ghost Yui standing at the end of the corridor;


Ghost Yui – So we meet again;


Charlene – Whatever ball crap you have in mind I ‘am not interested;


Ghost Yui –Whatever do you mean;


Charlene – To tell you the truth, I have no intention in falling for any of the Sakamaki boys;


Ghost Yui – Oh really, I see it when I believe it;


Charlene – Look, what is your problem;


Ghost Yui – My problem, you come into the Sakamaki mansion with your D cups, model body, blue eyes, and long light brown hair thinking you came to do business with them well guess what I’m not going to let it continue!


Two cobras appear;


Ghost Yui – Say hello to my pets;


The cobras slither over to Charlene;


Ghost Yui – Give har a fill doze of your venom;


A tall man with long hair wearing a mask appears with a sword;


The man in a mask – Go and find somewhere safe I will take care of this;


Charlene turns;


She starts running;


Charlene opens a door to a small living room;


She sees three ladies;


Cordelia – Well, if it isn’t the virgin inherits woman;


Beatrix – Are you telling me she still has not chosen which one of the Sakamaki boys she wants to be with?


Christa – Oh the shame and humanity;


Charlene – Nice to see you;


Cordelia – Can’t you at least crush on them?


Charlene - I don’t crush on men;


Beatrix – What do you mean you don’t crush on men;


Christa – Are you one of those women?


Charlene – Good god no!


Beatrix – Then why don’t you like being with a man;


Charlene – Because it was not the path I chose;


Christa – Being with a man is not a path choice;


Beatrix – Its partnership;


Christa – That will last until you die;


Beatrix – So that the next generation can take over your family’s business;


Charlene – I am not going to have children;


Cordelia – What;


Beatrix – Why?


Charlene – Look, I made up my mind in having a career;


Christa – How can you say that(sob);


Cordelia – Why are you behaving as if she has called off an engagement;


Christa – I was looking forward to seeing my son’s children (sob);


Beatrix – Excuse me, your son’s children?


Christa – Yes;


Beatrix – Now what makes you sure that Charlene will pick your son to be the father of her children;


Christa – What has your sons Shu and Raiji got that my Subaru hasn’t?


Beatrix – An intelligent upbringing;


Cordelia – Oh God listen to you both, babbling like old ladies about who Charlene should choose to be her boyfriend when she clearly said she does not want one;


Beatrix – Easy for you to say;


Cordelia – Ignore them sweetie if you don’t want a boyfriend, that is fine by me;


Charlene – Thank you;


Cordelia – Now let’s talk about the Sakamaki family inherits;


Charlene – That is strictly forbidden;


Cordelia – What do you mean it is strictly forbidden;


Beatrix – Anyway we must go, but think about it;


Christa – It doesn’t have to be any of the Sakamaki boys, but men in general;


Cordelia – Oh my god it’s the 21st-century women have changed;


Kanato – There you are Charlene;


She turns;


Kanato – Here;


Charlene – What is it;


Kanato – Open it;


Charlene opens the box;


Charlene – It’s a doll;


Kanato – Not just any doll it’s a custom-made talking doll;


Charlene – A custom-made talking doll;


Kanato – Turn it on from the back;


Charlene – Okay;


She turns on the doll,


Charlene – It’s not saying anything;


Kanato – That’s because you must talk to her;


Charlene – Okay; what is your name?


The doll – I don’t have a name can you give me one;


Charlene – How about Elizabeth?


The doll – That’s a nice name for me thank you;


Kanato – Ask her a question;


Charlene – What are you made of?


Elizabeth – Fine porcelain from the 17th century;


Kanato – She can also predict what is going to happen now and in the future;


Elizabeth- Pascal has just served Rocky Horror dessert and Laito is going to be out all night;


Charlene –Interesting;


Elizabeth – You better lock your door tonight;


Charlene – Why’s that?


Elizabeth – Just lock your door.









































Part 2

Dining room;


Laito – This Rocky horror dessert is the best;


Shu – Do you mind not making sexual noises as you eat;


Ayato – So where are you off to tonight?


Laito – A party;


Reiji – Well don’t come home the next day piss drunk;


The dining room door opens;


Reiji – Ah your back;


Charlene - Don’t mention it;


She sits down;


Ayato – What is with the doll?


Charlene – Kenato gave it to me;


Reiji – That’s nice of him;


Charlene – So this is the Rocky horror dessert;


Shu – Yes;


Subaru – Try it;


Ayato - I think your doll is having a demonic break down;


Laito – What do you expect from a doll created by Kenato;


Charlene – Are you okay Elizabeth?


Elizabeth – I’m fine;


Charlene – Good;


Laito – Well, time for me to get ready;


Reiji – Remember what I said;


Laito gets up from the table;


He turns;


Laito walks over to the dining room door;


He opens it;


Laito walks out;




Laito’s phone rings in trouser pocket;


He takes it out;


Laito answers;


Laito – Hello, I was born ready.


Back in the dining room;


Kanato – Are you enjoying dessert?


Charlene – Yes;


Kanato – Good;


Reiji – Would you like me to recite a 17th - century poem to music?


Charlene – That will be wonderful;


Ayato – Enough with the eye twitching!


Elizabeth – I have a glitch;


Ayato – Well glitch someplace else!


Charlene – Which room?


Reiji – The music room of course;


Shu – And afterword’s I will show you how to fence;


Charlene – Fence;


Elizabeth – This is going to be interesting;


Charlene – Alright;


Ayato – Since when did you know how to fence?


Shu – I had private lessons;


Ayato – Private lessons;


Reiji – My mother hired a fencing teacher from France to teach Shu and me;


Ayato – And there is I, Laito and Kanato learning swordsmanship with sticks while you and Reiji pansy fight;


Shu – Watch your mouth!


Charlene – You seem quiet Subaru;


Subaru – I’m fine, just a bit tired;


Ayato – Bonjour madam would you care to learn how to pansy fight?


Reiji – You say its pansy, but you have no idea what I and Shu went through;


Ayato –The Fencing teacher made you both fight shirtless?


Reiji – I am not going to go into any more details;


Charlene – Why don’t you go to bed;


Subaru – I am not sleepy;


Ayato – What Charlene needs is real swordsmanship;


Elizabeth -I won’t accept his way of swordsmanship if I was you;


Charlene – Whatever do you mean;


Elizabeth – It is going to end up in his bedroom, I recommend you stick with the fencing;


Kanato – All this talk about swordsmanship is making me sleepy;


Charlene – Do you want me to put you into bed;


Kanato – Yes please;


Subaru – You have got to be kidding me;


Kanato – My pyjamas are on a chair next to my bed;


Subaru – First you put soy source on his salmon at dinner, and you are going to see him naked!


Silent in the dining room;


Subaru gets up from the table;


He turns;


Subaru walks over to the door;


He opens it;


Subaru walks out;


Kanato – Was it something I said?


Charlene gets up;


She turns


Charlene walks over to the door;


She goes out;


Subaru’s voice – Clearly you have chosen who you want to be close to;


Charlene’s voice – I am just being kind;


Subaru’s voice – The whole not wanting a boyfriend was all a pack of bull-shit;


Charlene’s voice – Not true;


Subaru’s voice – Look, do me a favorer and get out of my face;


Charlene’s voice – Fine, see you;


Charlene walks back into the dining room;


Kanato – Don’t be upset;


Charlene – There is a difference between being kind and falling in love;


Kanato – Does this mean you not going to help me change into my nightwear?


Charlene – I did not say that;


Kanato – Good;


Elizabeth giggles;


Charlene – What’s so funny Elizabeth;


Elizabeth – Nothing just thinking happy thoughts.





































































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