Made in Hetalia Ep 3

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Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Prussia – Ludwig you pulled!


Germany – What do you want?


Prussia - I would like to hear the juicy details about that hot chick lying beside you?


Germany – It’s not what you think!


Prussia – So tell me sweetheart was he?


Woman – Was he what;


Germany – Prussia will you get out from my house!


Prussia – Not until she gives me the details of the sex;


Woman – Is this guy for real?


Germany – Like I said nothing happened;


France – Oh sure me and Chanel could not sleep a wink because there was so much noise;


Germany – France how did you get in here!


France – Seriously Germany you really need to be more secure with your property otherwise any Tom, Dick, and Harry will just walk in during your easing of sexual tension;


Germany – Get out from my house!


Italy – What is with all the yelling?


Prussia – You pal Germany has invaded a vital region;


France – That kept me and my pussy up all night;


Italy – Is that true Germany?


Germany – No it’s not;


France – Bang-Bang yes Ludwig yes-yes-yes!


Germany – Do not tempt me to kill your cat;


France – No not my sweet Chanel!


Woman – Well I better go;


Germany – That’s it you’re leaving;


Woman – Well yes;


Germany – How is that possible?


Woman – Well I just have to get up and walk to the door;


Germany – You can’t just walk from the arms of the person that saved your pretty behind from being gang raped by masked thugs?


Italy – Masked thugs;


Prussia – Gang raped;


France – Not good;


Woman – You don’t know what I am capable of by the way thanks for the meal last night I really appreciate it well have a nice morning;


Germany – Wait!


Woman – Yes;


Germany – I just want to say,


Woman – Say what?


Germany – Be careful out there;


Woman – You worry too much!


Prussia – Foxy Lady;


France – Isn’t one night stands heart breaking;


Germany – I am going to eat your cat!


France – Come on my Chanel we are getting out of here.



Sealand – Breakfast, Breakfast;

England – Alright Peter we are almost there;

Sealand – A growing nation needs a hearty breakfast;

England – There you go;

Sealand – Wow a feast!

England – Tuck in;

Sealand – Where shall I start?

England – How about the cereal table and then work your way down?

Sealand – Sounds good to me!

England - Now you be careful how you eat Peter I don’t want you to choke or be sick?

Sealand – I won’t;

England – He maybe 13 but he’s still small;

Sealand – Hay England I had this dream last night about Pixies and Flying mint Bunnies in this gold palace high in the sky;

England – Did you?

Sealand – All the Axis powers were dressed in school uniforms;

England – Were they?

Sealand –Except for France who was dressed seductively;

England – That’s not a dream it’s a nightmare you guys were supposed to give Sealand sweet dreams!

Sealand – Who are you talking to England?

England – How seductive was France dressed in your dream;

Sealand – Well he was wearing a masquerade mask; licking a whip, and holding a pair of handcuffs or was it chains, anyway either one;

England – Sealand you are sleeping in my room tonight;

Sealand – Why’s that?

England – Because I am worried about that dream;

Sealand – England am I going to be one with France?

Germany – I cannot believe that I let her slip away;

Italy – Oh Germany;

Germany – Yes Italy what is it?

Italy – I made you some breakfast;

Germany – Thanks;

Italy – I hope you like pancakes;

Germany – That woman was in danger and I failed to protect her!

Italy – Germany calm down I do not like it when you are sad like this;

German walks away;

Italy – Germany wait your breakfast!

Germany – I will eat it later;

Italy – But Germany!

Prussia – Let him go;

Italy – Prussia your still here?

Prussia – Austria and Hungary are not back from their trip;

Italy – What is that card you are holding?

Prussia –It’s a Hostess hotline card?

Italy – A Hostess hotline card;

Prussia –I got it from a lady friend;

Italy – A lady friend!

Prussia – Her name is Sassy wolf and boy does she know how to turn a guy on;

Italy – Turn a guy on?

Prussia - 24 hours of socializing fun;

Italy – Socializing fun?

Prussia – Come on my young Italian we have a hot line to call.


Woman -I must get out of here;

The woman goes into a garden;

Lichtenstein – Switzerland there is a lady trespassing in our garden;

Switzerland – As long she is not working for the Allies or the Axis its fine;

The woman continues walking through the garden she comes across a small cottage where an old lady and an old man were sat outside;

Woman – Excuse me but do you know where the nearest train station is?

Old lady – Turn left by a white mansion and then right?

Woman – Okay thank you;

The woman continues walking a red car slows down beside her;

Spain – Ola;

Woman turns;

Spain – Are you lost?

Woman – No;

Romano – Be careful or she might get that potato bastard on you;

Spain turns to Romano;

Spain – What do you mean?

Romano – The woman is German meat;

Spain – German meat;

Romano – Haven’t you heard this woman is a whore?

Spain – A whore;

Romano – Don’t offer her a ride;

Spain drives off;

Woman turns back to the front;

Woman – Now I must really get out of here;

She bumps into Belarus;


Belarus – Watch where you are going!

Woman – Sorry;

Belarus – Wait a minute your Germany’s girlfriend aren’t you?

Woman – I am nobody’s girlfriend;

Belarus –Then why did I see you going into his jeep?

Woman – What is this?

Belarus – Did you bleed when he did the deed?

Woman – Oh for goodness sake nothing happened between me and this Germany person that everyone is talking about I just want to take a train and go home;

Belarus – Oh so it was only for one night how can you be so cheap!

Woman – Look whoever you are I just want to be left alone okay;

Belarus – Prostitute!

Belarus walks away the woman turns and comes across a sweet shop and walks over to the train station;

Woman – Okay;

A voice - You are going to be here for a very long time;

The woman turns;

Woman – Who are you?

Canada –A train has not stopped here for years;

Woman – You’re joking now how am I going to get home!

Canada – There is a city airport nearby;

Woman – A city airport;

Canada – It’s owned by the US Army;

Woman – US Army;

Canada – All you have to do is verify that you are a US citizen and they will fly you back;

Woman – Fly me back;

Canada – Yes;

Woman – Thank goodness;

Canada – So glad I can help;

Woman – So why are you here?

Canada – To reflect on my childhood;

Woman – Your childhood;

Canada – My grandfather was a train frenetic and every weekend he would bring me here to look at the train passing by;

Woman – Was you and your grandfather close?

Canada – Yeah he was like a father to me until she came along;

Woman – She;

Canada – Erika a young 30 year old model that stole his heart and everything was lost;

Woman – Lost;

Canada – He turned from being my father figure to a monster he will beat shout and swear at me for no reason until I could not take it anymore and I just disappeared he did not even bother to find me;

Woman – That’s so sad I was to beaten shouted and swore at by someone that used to love me;

Canada – Really;

Woman –Yeah Robin was his name I thought the two of us where going to be in love forever but it did not work so I ended the relationship;

Canada – When was the last time you saw Robin?

Woman – Last night;

Canada – Last night where?

Woman – Outside a nightclub with a gang of masked thugs that beat me up;

Canada – Ouch;

Woman – Luckily I woke up on a bed at a man’s house;

Canada - A man’s house that’s risky;

Woman – So I made a break for it;

America’s voice – Hay lady;

The woman turns as America approaches her;

America – What are you doing sitting all alone at an abandoned train station there is a city airport nearby come on I will take you there;

Meanwhile over at Germany’s house a pretty light brown haired woman was laying on the couch;

Prussia – Now don’t open your eyes until I tell you;

Germany – Look I don’t have time for you shit games!

Prussia – Okay now open your eyes;

Germany open’s his eyes;

Pretty woman – So your Gilbert’s younger brother I am Tera;

Germany – Gilbert what is the meaning of this?

Prussia – Well since you lost the first woman that was with you I thought you needed a replacement;

Germany – Piss off!

Germany turns and walks out from the living room;

Prussia – Oh come on Ludwig she’s a good kisser and great in bed;

Over at the city airport the woman boards a plane;

Canada – Have a safe journey home;

Woman – I will;













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