My Despicable Life Story 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kyoto Japan


Michelle was on her laptop when an envelope icon appears on her screen she clicks on it;


Michelle – So soon;


She begins typing;


Michelle –My Rudi prince likes me;


Michelle’s father’s voice – I am home princess;


Michelle – In here papa;


Michelle’s father walks into the living room;


Michelle’s father – How was school today?


Michelle – School was fine papa;


Michelle’s father – I got some news to tell you;


Michelle – Have you;


Michelle’s father – I have been given a holiday;


Michelle – Really;


Michelle’s father – Fancy going to the US;


Michelle – For how long;


Michelle’s father – Four weeks;


Michelle – Four weeks;


Michelle’s father – Yes;


Michelle silent for second;


Michelle – It gives me the opportunity to see my prince;


Michelle’s father – Who is your prince?


Michelle – Rudi;


Michelle’s father – Rudi;


Michelle - Yes;


Michelle’s father – In Fredrik’s son;


Michelle – Yes they live out there;


Michelle’s father – Okay we will pay them a visit while we are out there;


Michelle – I have a better idea how about asking Rudi’s father to pick us up from the airport?


Michelle’s father – No;


Michelle – Why?


Michelle’s father – I rather be picked up by a chauffeur driven taxi than a ghost from my past;


Michelle – Please let Rudi’s father pick us up from the airport?


Michelle’s father – Nope;


Michelle – Please;


Michelle’s father – Aright;


Michelle – Thanks papa;


She continues typing;


Michelle – So when are we leaving for the US?


Michelle’s father – Next Friday;


Michelle – Great that’s when school breaks up for the summer vacation;


She turns off her laptop;


Michelle – Gives me the chance to do some shopping for cute clothes and shoes;


Michelle’s father – Don’t spend too much money or you will not have enough to spend over there;


Michelle – I won’t papa;


She gets up turns and walks out from the living room;



Over in the US


Agnes – Gru and Lucy are court up at work?


Lucy’s friend – Yes;


Edith – What are they doing?


Lucy’s friend – Detective work;


Agnes – Where?


Lucy’s friend – At a plaza hotel;


Edith – Cool;


Lucy’s friend – Would you like fries or potato wedges with your animal shaped fish cakes;


Edith and Agnes – Fries;


Lucy’s friend –Aren’t you coming to join your sisters for dinner Margo?


Edith – Don’t mind her;


Agnes – She is far too busy to be with no friend losers like us;


Lucy’s friend – What do you mean?


Agnes – Next she will say that Unicorns aren’t real;


Edith – Oh wanting her own space;


Margo on cell phone – I am sorry Rudi it’s just that the line is poor;


She gets up and walks out from the dining room;


Agnes – Witch!


Edith – Love struck Juliet!


Lucy’s friend – That was not very nice;


Edith – Sorry;


Agnes – We are still hurt from her comment;


Edith – About us not having friends;


Lucy’s friend – It does not mean you have to be bitter about it otherwise it will lead to something that you both will regret for the rest of your life;

Edith – What do you mean?


Lucy’s friend – There was this girl in mine and Lucy’s class she and her sister got into a fight which led them to go their separate ways over a boy that this girl’s sister liked that turned out to be a real jerk and her sister was nowhere to be seen;


Agnes – Nowhere to be seen;


Edith- What happened next?


Lucy’s friend – Apparently this girl made an arrangement for her sister to be no longer be a part of her life;


Edith – Wow;


Agnes – Just because of a fight;


Lucy’s friend – Yes;


Edith – Now I feel bad;


Lucy’s friend – That’s why you both should not stay angry with your Sister Margo;


Edith opens her backpack she takes out a folded paper and opens it;


Lucy’s friend – What is that?


Edith – A blue print style drawing that I drew at school;


Lucy’s friend – Of what;


Edith – In how to ruin Margo’s life;


Lucy’s friend – Now why did you go and draw that;


Edith – I was upset and angry so I decided to express my hurt by drawing this picture;


Lucy’s friend takes the paper from Edith and looks at it;


Lucy’s friend – Did you do any of these things?


Edith –Eh;


Lucy’s friend – Please say you did not;


Edith – I kind of did;


Lucy’s friend sighs;


Lucy’s friend – Just eat your dinner;

Rudi's house


Rudi's father on phone - You want me to;


Michelle's father's voice – Pick me and my daughter up from the airport;


Rudi's father – At what day;


Michelle's father – Next Saturday afternoon;


Rudi's father – Okay;


Benison – Your Sparkling Lemonade Master Rudi;


Rudi – Thank you Benison;


Margo's voice – So how was school?


Rudi – School was fine I got an A in Maths;


Margo's voice – Wow that’s very good;


Rudi – What about you?


Margo's voice – I got an A in History;


Rudi - That’s great are you excited about starting high school in September?


Margo's voice – Yes very excited;


Rudi – Which type of high school are you going to?


Margo's voice – What do you mean?


Rudi - private or public;


Margo's voice – Public;


Rudi – Okay do you ever want to go private?


Margo's voice – No;


Rudi – I bet you will look good in a school uniform;


Margo's voice – Oh Rudi you are cheeky;


Rudi – White shirt short grey skirt white socks black buckled shoes and a tie;


Margo's voice – Is that your dream seeing me in a school uniform?


Rudi- Yes;


Margo’s voice – Okay;


Rudi – Are you still living with those minions?


Margo’s voice – Yes;


Rudi – Okay anyway I must go;


Margo’s voice – Okay it was nice talking to you take care;


Rudi – Goodbye;


Rudi’s father – Rudi;


Rudi – Yes father;


Rudi’s father – Can you come here for a minute;


Rudi – Sure;


Rudi gets up from the sofa he walks over to him;


Rudi’s father – This afternoon I got a phone call from your school saying there was a death;


Rudi – I did not know that;


Rudi’s father – You did not?


Rudi – No;


Rudi’s father – There is also something else I have to tell you next Saturday we are going to the airport;


Rudi – Okay who’s coming?


Rudi’s father – A friend from my school year past;


Rudi – Does this friend have a name?


Rudi’s father – Mattie;


Rudi – Does he have children?


Rudi’s father – Yes one daughter name Michelle they are coming to the US from Japan;


Rudi – Japan;


Rudi’s father – Yes;

Rudi – Which part of Japan?


Rudi’s father – Kyoto;


Rudi – Oh the old capital of Japan;



Dru‘s Mansion


Dru – Alright Minions here’s what I want you to do I want you all to go door to door ring the bells and run away;


Minions excited;


Dru – Meet back at this mansion in 2 hours;


Gru and Dru’s mother’s voice – Dru have you seen my glasses?


Dru – They are by the fire place;


Gru and Dru’s mother’s voice – Which fire place?


Dru – The east wing fireplace;


Gru and Dru mother’s voice – How on earth did they get there?


Dru – I have no idea mother maybe your lover put them there;


Gru and Dru mother’s voice – Josh and I are just friends;


Dru – Yeah right!


The Minions look at Dru;


Dru – You guys are still here go;


The Minions walk away;


Gru and Dru’s mother’s voice – Dru there’s someone at the door;


Dru – Well open it then;


Gru and Dru’s mother’s voice – I don’t open doors after 7:00pm;


Dru walks out from secret chamber he walks along a long corridor over to the front door he opens it;


Dru – Arthur long time not seen


Arthur – Hello Dru how are you doing I have some news to tell you;


Dru – Okay;


Arthur – I have recently got remarried and I am moving back to England;


Dru – Moving back but you just renewed your US citizenship;



Arthur – I know but my new wife wants to be near her parents;


Dru – Okay well I guess I will see you around;


Arthur – Until we meet again;


Arthur turns and walks away Dru closes the door;


Dru – Another friend moves away what is going on;


Gru and Dru’s mother’s voice – Dru;


Dru – Yes mother;


Gru and Dru’s mother’s voice – Have you seen my Lavender massaging oil it just that Josh wants to give me a once over;


Dru – Dirty animal;





Submitted: February 27, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Green Rabbit. All rights reserved.

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