One twisted night

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Missing his bus Julian is forced to take cover in a book store when a thunderstorm rolls in. when he enters the store he finds out that the name of the store has a lot more to tell then what it's implying.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



Everyday Julian sits at the same bus stop drinking a cup of coffee he gets from a small local coffee stand and everyday he passes a small book shop with the words TWISTED BOOKS written in big bright yellow letters above the door.

One night when missing his bus he was forced to wait another thirty minutes for the next. Exhausted from the run to the bus stop from his work he plopped down on the bench out of breath. “Great I think it is going to rain soon.” He looked up at the cloudy night sky and sure enough lightning struck the sky lighting the bus stop and the bookstore across the street.

With a loud crackle of thunder Julian stood and ran under the protection of the bookstores roof. He leaned heavily against the red oak door as he watched the rainfall in large droplets and splatter to the ground making a think sheet of wet concrete. Cursing at the bad timing

"What next?” he complained as the store door cracked open letting Julian tumble through, landing on the floor with a loud thud.

"What in the world?” he groaned.

looking around the dimly lit store. Books lined every wall and filled multiple shelves that led down the center of the store. A cut out of a man with a sly grin and a knife in hand stood tall next to a fold out table filled with adventure books of Indiana poems. Standing up and fixing his attire he walked over to the front desk were a small bell sat and a sign next to it reading, Tap once for help, tapping the bell once he stood back waiting for someone to answer. No one seemed to be around, he looked out the display window for any signs of a coming bus and with no sign he turned around to hear footsteps coming up behind him.

“Hi, I was just…” He said facing back to the desk and seeing no one again around him.

“I” he puffed tiredly.

Hearing faint scuffing feet again Julian followed the sound around a bookshelf that sat next to the desk, which led him to the staff’s room a.k.a the basement. Staring down into the pitch-black staircase Julian called after the footsteps.

“Hello! Hello? Can I use your phone? Sorry for intruding but your door was open!” He gestured to the now closed door wondering when he closed it.

A light flickered passed the foot of the stairs catching his attention and turned the corner, gratified he quickly raced down the steps.

"Hello?” He said suspiciously

following the tip of the light down the hallway. Halfway down he could hear clinging of metal and the smell of cleaning supplies. The clinging of metal got louder as he approached an open door at the end of the hallway. Red liquid leaked from the door and traveled down the hallway to a drain that met in the center of the corridor. Cautiously he peeked around the door, Julian found a man lying on a table with a strip of fabric tied in gag around his mouth and his hands and feet bound to the table. A tall muscular man passed back and forth to a table of knifes and a bucket of fatty red stuff dipping the knife in the goo before returning to the man on the table. Noticing me, the guy bound by the gag went wide-eyed and started convulsing pulling at the ropes that tied him.

Horrified, Julian backed away bumping into someone behind me. Screaming Julian turned to face another man almost identical to the one in the room holding up a lantern.

“What do you think your doing down here?” he said his clothes were blood stained and torn in places on his right arm and pant leg. His hair was extremely greasy and dripping black liquid from the tips of his flat hair.

“I-I…” Julian stammered. Grabbing Julian by the wrist he dragged him down the hallway and into another room Julian didn’t remember passing and placing him in a chair that sat in the center of the room.

“I was just wanting to use your phone.” Julian said shakily as he swallowed hard against the tightness in his throat.

Ignoring Julian the man walked leisurely through a bunch of butcher knifes hanging from the ceiling.

“I missed my bus and…”

“And you thought breaking and entering was a good idea?” He said cutting me off mid-sentence.

Scared Julian squeezed the arms of the chair.

“No, It was raining and…” he stood in front of me, his face drenched in the black liquid that seemed to ooze from his pores.

“And nothing.” He smiled eerily, showing off yellow decaying teeth.

Julian bit his lower lip trying not to vomit from his vile breath.

“Please I just want to go home.” Julian pleaded,

“I’m terribly sorry for entering without permission it wont ever happen again.”

“Yeah-yeah.” He said tying Julian’s arms to the chair. His heart racing Julian started to feel sick to his stomach.

"Please!” he begged tears leaking form his eyes.

Running his hands across the knives suspended in the air the man quickly tore down a chopping knife and held it above his head. Just before coming down on Julian head with a jolt Julian woke from his feverish nightmare to only find that he did catch his bus and was simply asleep the whole time, waking just in time to get off. When thanking the bus driver for the ride home his wife greeted him with a kiss and questions about his day. When telling his wife about his dream she comforted him and told him reassuring words.

Later that night when getting ready for bed he stripped his clothing off and hopped in the shower hoping to wash away his nightmare that haunted him when he found a long freshly uneven stitched scare that ran up his left hip and across his stomach to his right shoulder.

“What the hell?” he said touching the red swollen wound.

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