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Submitted: January 01, 2011

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Submitted: January 01, 2011



Shall we on this New Years Eve.


Shall we on this New Year's Eve
look back on events that have come and gone?
Will we take an extra moment to believe
that our lives no matter how good or bad go on?

Shall we reinforce our ever waning faith
and pull close those people whom we love?
Will we fall into despair, succumb to the wraith
which our Creator cast from paradise above?

Shall we in this a solitary, pensive hour
recall our triumphs, things we have overcome?
Will we acknowledge He who holds the power
our Provider, those roots which we sprang from?



Write a poem that has 3 (or more) Types of sound devices


*-Alliteration *-Onomatopoeia *-Rhyme *-Meter *-Assonance *-Repetition


My father lies on the couch,

Suddenly he yells “Ouch!”

Crash, boom, bang,

I hear him scream “dang!”

I run to see what’s wrong,

But I move too slow.

Turns out my father, Tom

Tipped the table on his toe.




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