he said goodbye...

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i wrote this because i became monechi to mdto...and thats how it began the end of it....of nothing...

Submitted: November 27, 2006

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Submitted: November 27, 2006



He said goodbye,

Without saying hello

She said she loved him

Without seeing his face

Only the laughter between them

Was all the illusion was about

She felt so special

Every time he said her name

She never realized

They were nothing more than friends

So the day he left

She didn't understand

She wrote to him

And called him so much

But he had forgotten

And never wrote back

Her calls never reached

For he never picked up

What had she done

To make it all stop?

She thought they were the same

Not just a game

She angst for his phone call everyday

She worried like crazy

And she fought on what to say

But he only listened

For she met him with

His heartbroken before

So it was only a matter of time

Before he broke hers

She knew it was wrong

but she fell anyways

He warned her his heart

Had vanished in pain

But she didn't notice

She let her heart go again

He never came back

He never will, because

He left forgetting her

And everyone else

She stayed, the only survivor with

The memories of what never was

Only in her mind it was true

She's trapped in a cage

Under dark clouds

She has no key

He took the only ones.

-monechi dto.

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