I forever will

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i wrote this out of my head thinking of how i want my life to be and how it isnt...maybe because i watch to much movies...or something.....idk...

Submitted: December 18, 2006

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Submitted: December 18, 2006





If you left because I love you I will love you no more

I will hate you with all the passion in the world

To be with you was torment but I still want it back

I still miss your touch at night when the sheets are not enough

And the breeze is always there

How tender the thoughts of you

Though I never cross your mind

My heart breaks as I write these verses

I can't comprehend why you leave, without listening

to the beat of my hopeless heart

I still die for your love

I forever will

You are not forgettable for anything in this world.

Nothing will surpass your memory

How long have I waited for your lips to say "I love you" back

But now that hope is just a vanished memory that was left

Drooping in the corner of the loneliness

The hole you left with every punch of love denied

Of caresses never given to my skin

Skin part of the body that wanted to be yours

I guess my love is just too strong

But for ever will I miss you

Never to forget

The one that was meant for me...

Only in mind, forever to stay there in a frozen state.


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