waiting for you

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words come together yu know....

Submitted: November 27, 2006

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Submitted: November 27, 2006




I'm waiting for you.

Apparitions of what could be is what I'm surrounded by

I live in the shadows of what could become

Why does your face present it self wherever I may turn

The imprint of your memory always burns

Never having sympathy for my poor used heart

Always hunting me with what little u provided

And never having mercy for what I wanted

Always being second below you

And always looking up

But still the heart doesn't notice

and I want you to stay


The cold of the night is too much for me to bear

So ill keep my eyes closed and think this all a dream

I'll keep what I've always thought of you

Never seeing what is there

That has been my survival for this long.

Why give up an illusion that completes

what I've always wanted?

Id rather be blind and live in the dark

Than have a clear vision of how my heart breaks

And my city burns to ashes


I understand I asked for too much

You can not give me protection,

When there's nothing worth protecting,

But the reason within me.

Why do your words magically transform

into what I always want to hear?

And your actions prove something else?

You are so hard to get over

It was easier to fall


I just wish u can give me more

Than all that you have taken

For you took my heart, my soul, my thoughts

And you just leave me waiting

Waiting for an answer

Waiting for you

Waiting to stop realizing what was never there

Waiting for you

Waiting to wake up from the nightmare I live

Waiting for you

Waiting to stop waiting

Waiting for you.......

I guess I will die waiting.....

im waiting for you.

~monechi dto.


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