I'd go to hell and back...even if the road's filled with zombies

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A metal loving nerd is betrayed by his jealous best friend and his life slowly spirals downward until he's given one last shot at redemption in his darkest hours. P.S might make alt ending

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



I’d go to hell and back…even if the road’s filled with zombies.
The long haired metal head was walking down to class with his favorite avenged sevenfold t-shirt.Like any other day he was getting ready for programming class so he could hopefully fly out to sweden and work on games with frictional games.He saw his friend Shane who also wanted to do the same thing along the way march up with his goofy offspring shirt.They trotted down the twists and turns of UT when Devon heard a sobbing from the washroom. It was the girls but...she sounded hurt and in need of help. Devon marched into the washroom to discover a curmpled up girl on the ground. Her wrists were sliced open and blood was gushing out and coating the floor like a new paint job. Distrought and confused Devon ran to get paper towels while Shane just turned and ran off. Assuming he was just scared of the sight of so much blood he continued to try to help her. The more he tried to help the more blood that coated him. He couldn't get it to stop bleeding! He began to feel sick and nauseous. She was dying before his eyes! Her skin became clamy and pale. That's when suddenly the dean strolled in followed by Shane. Shane had told the dean that Devon had done everything. He was immediatly expelled from the school but by claims from the girl he avoided jail time. He visited her constantly until she got better. Her name was Emma. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and lucious long brown hair. She was in school to become a business/data manager. Her parents had been paying her intuition. Devon had barely been surviving. They were polar opisites. She likes pop he liked metal. He was a geek she was just doing what her parents wanted. She was outgoing and Devon was shy. Yet somehow that's what brought them together. For better or for worse. In the months that followed Devon moved into Emma's apartment and got a job at the local ultramar. Shane had finished his semester at UT and was on his way to Sweden. Life was great for Devon regardless. He had her.

Another menial day at the same dead end menial job. Everyone was already dead before they started rising back up. Dead on the inside anyway. All just hollow shells walking amongst the rest. Who really likes cashing cheques or serving food for the over consuming whores we call humans. Humans. Not a particularily fitting name in my honest opinion. We're more zombies now than when we rise from the ground. At least than our need for survival kicks in. Society is filled with the common, the unknown, faceless and useless lobotomized people we call friends. Friends. Would a friend lie to you about a job application you've always wanted? Would a friend have fucked your chances at the best tech college in Ontario up? No. There's only one person Devon could trust. Emma. His one and only. Money had been tight lightly and they'd been arguing a lot about how they'd handle it. It was getting worse. Yet everytime Devon refused to be angry at her. The one light in his draught of a life. Emma. The beautiful girl who he loved and had no reason he knew for her to stay with a bum like him. When she yelled and the words hit him like acid and stung. He never said a single word of malice back. Never even thought one up. When she slapped him across the face and the mark redened and throbbed. He didn't so much as raise his hand. She was all he had. She was worth supressing such hateful feeling for. That's what his co-workers and customers were for.(Sorry if this is long and boring. Needed a way to address the characters and their situation. Hope you liked it though)

Around September Emma is enrolled at harvard business college.It was hard since Devon almost never got to see her and he remained a store clerk. Emma was on her way to great things until the IRS found out her parents had been commiting insurance fraud. They lost all their money and were sent to jail. Emma's grades dropped and in the months to follow spiraled into near poverty. She had a shitty job at some beat down old gas station and Devon kept serving slushies to little brats. Devon returns from his shift one day with his measley pay check of 200 dollars and Emma is cooking dinner. Hamburger helper as tradition is this house hold. More like apartment really. Emma was wearing a grease stained apron and had her hair down low. Devon loved it when she had her hair down low. Emma took a step away from the oven and picked up the pay check. "200 dollars!" Emma hollared in rage. "We're already behind on our rent payments Devon!What are we going to do! The car is being repossessed too!" Devon began to stroke her cheek in an attempt to calm her down but she was having nothing of it." God Dammit Devon! You're acting as if there's no problem here! You can't just make me calm and all problems go away!" "I know." Answered Devon. As sorrow, guilt and worry began to cross his face. Emma, noticing these things relented. "I'll go to the bank and get a loan." explained Devon, killing the sudden silence. "I'll be back before you know it and all our problems will be gone!" Of course Devon didn't really think that. He could tell Emma wasn't buying it either but he had to try something. So he hoped in their beat up punch buggy and drove off to the bank.

He strolled into the bank and went straight up the the teller. "Welcome to RBC how may we help you" Started the chubby teller. "I'd like a loan please" stumbled Devon. Getting progressivly more worried that he'd be denied and then he'd have to face Emma...... "Umm...name please?" "Devon,err Devon Gorman" "Alright...umm I don't think we can give you an extension sir." "Extension?" Exlaimed Devon. "That's not possible. I've never...Shane." "Excuse me?" "Don't worry about it..Um Thanks anyway." So filled with anger and malice. Regret overcame him as well. He began to regret saving Emma. He'd still be in UT or on his way to Sweden if Shane hadn't been such an fucking prick. The car was careening over a bridge when Devon had the sudden urge to drive off. Whisk it all away. He slammed the break and did a u-turn and drove for the railing when he smacked into something. He smashed down onto the break and burned the rubber off one of the wheels. Popping it. He climbed out to find a set of legs and a torso seperate from each other. Entrails poured all over the ground. Devon bent over the railing of vomited off the side, the vomit splashed into the water. He turned around to find the the person scrambling towards him."Wha..what the fu-fuck..." Mutter Devon as he raced back into the car and drove off.

As he entered the downtown district again he saw horrors that you'd only imagine in movies. Smoke filled skies and ash covering the ground. The sight of dismembered limbs piled all across the earth. The crunch of bones under his tires. The sight of people being violently torn apart as their organs and flesh were strewn on the pavement and their blood flew throughout the air. People were being eaten. But the eaters were rotting away. Almost as if they'd been decaying. Devon pushed his foot down on the gas and comepletely distrought zipped back to Emma. The door was cracked open when he arrived. He crept into the house. Supper was all over the floor. Emma's apron was tossed onto the ground. The curtains were flying around and the window was smashed. He poked his head out the window and saw a group of men clad in hoodies carrying Emma into the trunk of their truck. Devon hurtled towards them in blind rage and panic. His shoulder connected with one of the smaller men. The man flew to the ground and shatterd his jaw on the pavement. Devon began to rise up and turned to the others. He threw his left fist towards one of the taller men. It connected and teeth and blood were strewn out his mouth. He went to attack the other when he heard a scuffle behind him and then a tire iron was brought down onto his head." Fuck this ass hole man. Aw fuck my mouth." Said the taller man while wiping blood from his lips."Quit your whining. At least you don't have a broken jaw like Nick. Anyone let's get this bitch in the trunk and make our way to the elementry school." Devon struggled to get up. He grabbed at one of the hooded men's boots. He was rewarded with it in his face and everything went dark.

A massive migrain and a broken nose were the gifts Devon awoke to. Getting up and taking a good hard look around. To his dismay it wasn't all just a horrible. Horrible dream, bodies still littered the pavement and his muscles ached. He ran into the house and collapsed onto the floor. Sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of losing Emma. He groveled and groaned. Until eventually he got up to get some pain killers. As he marched back into the kitched a hand clamped his shoulder and spun him around. It bent over and began to spread its mouth wide open. Getting ready to clamp it's teeth right down onto his neck. Panicing he backed up and triped onto the ground. He frantically searched for some kind of weapon he could use against this..this..zombie. He jumped up and grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter. He spun around and began to jab it repeatedly into the zombie's eye. Blood gushed out of the wound and it kept coming. He pulled it back and swung it in again. This time it penetrated deeper into the wound. Most likely conntecting with the brain. Thus ending its miserable existence."I need to get Emma back," Thought Devon to himself. So he pulled his trusty knife out of the zombie's skull and got into the car. He was on his way to the police station to stock up on armor and weapons before going..going where? He thought to himself. Then suddenly recalling the conversation before he took a boot to the face. "Let's get to the elementry school" I know where that is. Thought Devon solemnly. His train of thought was interupted by the sudden halt of his vehicle. Looking out the window he saw several monstrosities. He began to hack and slash and jab at them all until a sufficient path was cleared and he got onto the roof of the car. Like a pack of angry rioters the zombies shook Devon's car. Releasing he needed to make an escape before they tipped it, he weighed his options. He could 1:Croud surf. Probably a bad idea since they wouldn't carry him. 2.Jump to the nearest roof or 3. Run for it. Since he wasn't exactly Forest Gump he decided to go with door number 2. He vaulted off the roof of the car and onto the nearest building. It was the bank. As he peered inside the window he saw the teller that refused him being eaten."That's what ya get" Chuckled Devon and then ran off to the station. He barged into the station only to be faced with some opposition. "Don't shoot!" Cried Devon. "Get over here quicly. And shut the door!" Yelled the officer. Devon obeyed and got behind their barricade. He quicly brushed over his situation to the officer."I'm afraid I can't give a civilian a weapon." "Dammit look outside! People are fucking eating each other! The dead are up and moving. People are freely breaking into each others homes! Can't there be an acception?!" "We need all weapons here" "Well. Officer I'm going to have to disagree" retorted Devon as he hooked his foot behind the officer's legs and dropped him the floor. He stamped his foot onto his wrist and he dropped his handgun. Devon quickly acquired it and aimed it at the officer's head. "Don't fucking move or I'll blow your brains out" ordered Devon as he backed into the open weapons locker. He stocked up on 9mm rounds and 2 hand guns. Grabbed a few hand grenades just in case and a baton. Quickly threw on some riot gear and ran out the back door.

Sprinting his whole way to the school in riot gear was a daunting task that drained Devon of a lot of energy. But the sight of the school and the thought of Emma gave him new found strength to keep going. He started to cap the zombies as he ran, Several shots tinged off signs until he got to the front steps. He stood up top and took his time. Picking off zombies one by one. Bullet after bullet rained through the air. Zipping through their skulls. Sending bits of brain and skull splattering across the parking lot. It wasn't long though until he began to run out of ammo and they piled up. In his haste he dropped the frag grenade and dived out of the way. Blowing the door open."FUCK!" Cried Devon, as the zombies began to pour inside."I need to get in there" Thought Devon. He tightened his riot gear and charged through the hoard. The zombies went tumbling to the ground. His boot crushing some of the less fortunate bastards. Devon began busting down doors, searching closets. Anything for Emma. He had to hurry. The zombies were flooding the halls of the school. He tried the gym doors. Locked. He found a ladder and got up to the balcony. In there he saw Emma. Surrounded by 3 ass holes who were in dire need of an ass wooping. Devon fastened a teatherball rope on one of the rafters and draped it down. Devon slid down and crept up to the hooded pricks. He whipped out his baton and brought it down on the ass hole's head. The same one who hit him with the tire iron. "Just returning the favour!" Cried Devon as he kicked at the taller guy's shins  which sent a rippling crack as he collapsed to the ground. The last of the three charged at Devon and smashed him against the wall. Devon yelped in pain as his back slammed against the gym's walls. Kicking and thrasing at the brute's head until he let go and then Devon slid under his legs and delivered a bullet to the back of his head. His rather small brain then splatterd all over the walls and rebounded onto Devon's face. "Fucking gross" whispered Devon while wiping his face clean. He then hurried over to Emma and got her up the rope as Devon got ready to climb up one of the ass hole's grabbed his leg and yanked him down. At that same moment the doors broke down and the zombies swarmed the gym. Devon lashed out and broke free and jumped onto the rope. Alas, too late and he was bitten. "AHH SHIT SHIT SHIT NO!" Cried out Devon as he shook free and got up. He fell down and looked at his leg. The flesh had been torn out. The skin and muscle was bitten off. He was bleeding badly and it already looked infected. "Oh no!"Cried Emma and ran over. "What is going on Devon!? I'm so confused what's gotten into everybody." screamed Emma. "There's too much to tell Emma... Just..wait what's that?" Asked Devon as the sound of wheels began to roar down the street. Turning towards the nearest window and peering out they spotted a humvee. "Emma, you run for it. I'll...find someway to cover you" "What I'm not leaving you!" "Look at me Emma? I can hardly walk! Go!" Reluctantly she obeyed. Devon scanned the room for anything useful. He found a hunting rifle and one clip. He bent over and kissed Emma one last time. "Goodbye" They both said and she walked away. Devon propped up the rifle on the windoe cill and aimed down the sights. He began to pick off each monstrosity that got near Emma. It was only 500 meters or so but it seemed like miles to Emma. The pressure of the zombies being there and the guilt of leaving Devon behind. She arrived at the  vehicle and waved for it to stop. A soldier climbed out and pushed Emma against the car. "What have you seen?!" Asked the soldier "The..these things.." stammered Emma as she pointed at the school. The soldier then lined her up and pulled out a pistol. Aimed it at her head and said"We can't let this intel get out to the masses" "What the fuck! Screamed Devon as he clicked the trigger. It was empty, "SHIT!" Screamed Devon as a new found will to fight stirred up from inside of him. He darted down to the vehicle while his leg continued to ache. He arrived and smashed his baton upside the soldiers head. He went spiraling to the ground. He began to pummel and beat the soldier's face repeatedly until it was nothing more than a mere pile of mush and brains. He then sat down and told Emma to get into the vehicle and drive off. She refused and helped him in. There were several other survivors inside except they had no clue they were survivors.Devon explained everything.The dead walking. Eating each other. The mass murder.They were shocked and fell silent as Emma began to drive. As hours went by and Devon's condition worsened the others voted to kick him out. Sarah violently lashed out and murdered each and every one of the survivors with her bare hands and then huddled up next to Devon until he turned. He bit her and unified them forever.

-The end.


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