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This is about how u shouldnt give up on something that u love.

Submitted: December 09, 2006

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Submitted: December 09, 2006



Passion comes around when you laugh and when u cry. What happened to that love of one t

hing? was it lost with the need to fit in? or was it a choice to be unhappy for the likes of

others? No matter what u do in life u will hurt someone. But dont make it a habit. At the same

time u have to think about  ur own feelings are they  important? Dont sell your soul to be in

bad company.

If u loved something or someone they'd understand. What u do is about u and no one else.

God made u a certain way because he knew u could handle the struggles. Make him say "Well


done when u enter those pearly gates. Or do u want to be watching god say that to someone

else as you fry in hell. For theres not much you can do but be yourself. Right? Take yourself as

a power figure. No one can make or break your day but you. Make your actions not your words

make people belive and give you the respect you deserve. Life is like a butterfly slowly drifting

away. Take your stages as they come to u. Your beautful moment will occur, Until u can spread

your wings and drift away as u can forget about the past and stick to the future. Only good things to come.

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