Endless Hope

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Submitted: December 09, 2006

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Submitted: December 09, 2006



Samantha woke up that cold winter morning feeling different than when she went to bed that night. She went downstairs to eat her breakfast when she realized that her mother wasn't there. Mrs. Andrews was always the first one up. Its seemed unlikey that today, Samantha's graduation she wouldn't be up. She went up the stairs and into her mothers bedroom and found her laid out on the bathroom floor. MOM! she yelled it was no use screaming because no one lived in the house besides her mother and her. Samantha dropped to her knees and checked her mothers pulse. No heartbeat. She got up and went to the phone and dialed 9-1-1. "Hello? My mother isnt breathing she laid out on the bathroom floor...I need an ambulance HURRY! AFter giving the operator her address SAmantha prayed to god that her mom would be alright. She began to cry and said, "Mom please dont leave me all I have is u". She heard the sirens coming and wanted to get her mom downstairs. Samathas mom wasnt very big so she drapped her mom over her shoulders and got downstairs and out on the porch where she was faced with paramedics.

Riding in the back of the ambulance Samantha's mind was racing. What if her mom died? She'd be all alone with no family members to take care of her. They reached the hospital in about 6 mintues. The paramedics lifted her mother off theambulance and into the sick smelling hospital. Samantha spent the night in the hospitalnot knowinng what would happen to her mother. At 2 o'clock a.m the doctorasked Samantha if she was a family member of Mrs. Andrews. " How is she", Samantha asked. "She's in critical condition. We are going to have to keep her over night to run some test but she wont be in stable condition for a few weeks.

After Samanthas brain processed all this information she said," Ok thank you doctor". The doctor then turned around and then Samantha said,"What happened to her? Can I see her? Will she live?" "You mother had a stroke, Yes you can see her. But there is a slight chance she will make it. Follow me please." Now this was the hard part seeing her mother in pain. Samantha sat by her mothers bedside hoping, praying and wishing that she would live. She was blocked off from the world until her cellphone rang. She opened it. "Hello? Sam, Its Marissa. Where are you? You missed graduation. Rissa im at the hospital my mom had a stroke ok. THAT WHY IM DIDNT MAKE GRADUTAION", she said angrily. After hanging up the she called everyone that she could think of. She called her boyfirend Micheal. Her aunts and uncles. She just didnt feel like being alone on such a special day. Then she began to feel angry. Why did this have to happen today she thought. It was supposed to be a happy day. A day all about her, where her family could laugh and smile. But now all they could do was hope. Hope that everything would be ok.

Samantha felt just a slight bit better that her family was there. Seeing all the people that she thought were soo strong become so weak. She tried to think of something that would help this situation. Then she decided that the only thing they could really do was pray, hope that everything would be ok. People came and went from her mothers hospital bed the next few weeks. Her grandmother asked her if she wanted to start making funeral plans. " How dare you ask me to make funeral plans. She's not DEAD grandma and shes not going anywhere", she said with such anger. " Samantha there is no way she will live you heard the doctor. We all loved her but its time for her to go. Just go on with your life. Go to college. Just forget about it, it will save you some pain."

For the next few months Samantha's mom stayed in that bed asleep. Samantha made her college plans to attend Stanfored University. There wasnt a day that went by that she didnt visit her mom. The day that she was supposed to leave for Standord, she prayed that todaywould be the the day that her mom would awaken. Samantha's mom woke up after 3 months. She beat the odds of a million and one . But most of all she had her daughter to thank for not giving up on her. She saved her life. And she would never forget it.

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