Dx: Manic Depressive Charge: Murder 1

Dx: Manic Depressive Charge: Murder 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



A young woman inherits a bipolar disease.
She marries, has children, then divorces her husband. She joins a younger man, who was dishonorably discharged from the marines and plots to black mail her landlord.
She is having sex with both of them. The black mail goes wrong and the woman and her boyfriend murder the landlord.

The woman and her boyfriend are prosecuted in court and the charge is Murder One.

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A young woman inherits a bipolar disease.
She marries, has children, then divorces her husband. She joins a younger man, who was dishonorably discharged from the marines and plots to black mail her landlord.
She is having sex with both of them. The black mail goes wrong and the woman and her boyfriend murder the landlord.

The woman and her boyfriend are prosecuted in court and the charge is Murder One.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Diagnosis Manic Depressive Charges Murder One

Author Chapter Note

The plot is to catch the landlord having sex with Stacey and take pictures. Then they would black mail him.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 09, 2013





(The Crime)


They had received the “Quit or Vacate” notice and had decided on a plan.  This was after they had talked to the landlord’s wife, Marcy and told her that Harold, the landlord, was having sexual relations with Stacey, a tenet.

Travis, Stacey’s boyfriend, was to hide in the closet with the camera when Harold came into the apartment.  Travis was crouching on the balls of his feet behind the closed door listening for the landlord’s arrival.

“Knock, Knock”

“Landlord” was the voice behind the door.

Stacey got up from the sofa and made her way to the door.

“Just a second” she said.  Stacey looked behind her at the closet door where her boyfriend was waiting.

Stacey opened the front door and saw Harold standing there, a grin on his face as he looked her up and down.

“Come in” Stacey smiled as she backed away from the door.

Harold was a big man and filled the doorway as he passed through the door frame he brushed by Stacey and smelled her perfume.

“How are you doing today” she smiled at him.

“Fine, how are you. I am collecting the rent at the apartments and wanted to see you”.

“Why don’t you have a seat and I will get us a couple of beers” Stacey said.

“OK, make mine a light will you” said Harold.

Stacey left the living room to go to the kitchen to bring a couple of beers back.

“Where is Travis” Harold said bluntly.

“He is not here right now but is in the process of moving out” Stacey offered.

“Good, Good” Harold returned.

“Thanks, Stacey” Harold said, as he touched her hand when he accepted the beer.

“I’ve missed you these past few days, Stacey” Harold whispered.

“I‘ve missed you too” she responded.

Stacey sat next to Harold on the sofa so that they were almost touching. They were both drinking now and Harold turned to face her as he took a large swallow of beer from the cold, clear bottle.

“You look nice today” Harold smiled.

She was in jean shorts, a white shirt tied in a knot in the front with a tube top inside and leather sandals.  Stacey had a nice figure and with the blond hair and the blue eyes she was a head turner.

Stacy smiled at him.  He set his beer down on the end table and kissed her as she kissed him back.  He put his hand inside the white blouse and felt the tube top covering her smallish breasts.  His other hand went down between her legs and rubbed between them.

She set her beer down and got up from the sofa, took his hand and led him down the hall.When Stacey passed the closet she brushed against the closet door which opened it a couple of inches and led Harold to the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom she undid the knot in front and slipped off the white shirt.  Harold undid the button on her jean shorts and zipped the fly down and pushed her shorts down her legs and off her feet.  He slipped his hands under her thin panties and slid them down her smooth brown legs as well.  All that was left was her tube top which she removed over her head.

Harold wasn’t far behind her unzipping his pants and removing his underwear and taking off his polo shirt. He moved her towards the bed and bent her over the mattress.  He knelt between her legs and moved them apart as Stacey’s arm went back to hold onto the headboard as Harold began pleasuring her in a way that made her pelvis rise.

“Ohhhhh, Harold” she moaned.

Harold went deep inside her with his tongue and she moved her hips back and forth and spread her legs wide.

Travis stood up in the closet. He had been listening to these “noises” for the last 5-10 minutes which seemed like “forever”.

He padded down the hall in his socks about seven steps with the camera. He looked around the corner but could not see anything but Stacey’s hand on the backboard. He moved straight ahead into the bathroom to get a better view.  Travis raised the camera and moved boldly into the room. He pushed the button on the Nikon camera and held it down

“Click, click, click, click, click” the camera betrayed his presence. He looked up from the viewfinder and saw Harold having oral sex with his girlfriend, Stacey.

“Oh, shit” Harold exclaimed as his head rose and he looked at the man taking pictures of his infidelity with another woman. He gathered his clothes from around the bed and moved out of the bedroom into the living room to put clothes on his naked body. Travis followed him with the camera.

Travis wanted to make sure that Harold left the apartment.

“Get out, you bastard, get out” Travis repeated in a high voice.

Harold was getting his clothes on at the time and Travis had a knife in his right hand and the camera in his left hand.  The purpose of the knife was for self protection and protection of Stacey.  Harold was a big man and he had a temper.  Travis never intended to hurt or harm Harold but to scare him if he tried to make trouble or hurt him or Stacey.

“Get out, get out, get out” Travis yelled this time.

Travis saw something out of the corner of his eye and he turned his head.  Just then Harold flew across the room and knocked Travis into a piece of furniture called the secretary. Then he flipped Travis upside down and jumped on him.  Travis was on his stomach with his head pointing into the bedroom.  Harold was on top of Travis in a second and started hitting him on the side, top and back of the head with his fists.

Travis screamed at Stacey to come out of the bedroom to the area where he was fighting with Harold.  Stacey came out of the bedroom and hit Harold on the back of the head with something like a black vase. Harold got off Travis and turned his attention to Stacey. Harold began biting, choking and hitting her.

Stacey was screaming now because Harold was biting her arm.  Travis thought that Stacey was in danger and he got up to help her when Harold met him half way and tackled him again.  This time Travis had his arms pinned to his side by Harold.

Travis had the knife in his right hand and he brought his lower arm, which was free, in the air and brought the knife down on the top of Harold’s back with force.  He left the knife sticking out of Harold’s back.  Finally Harold let Travis go and he got up to his feet and started after Stacey.  Harold hit Stacey and threw her down on the ground.

Travis got up and went towards Harold and Stacey.  Travis intended to get the knife, which was sticking out of Harold’s back. Travis was afraid it would be used against Stacey or him. Travis grabbed the knife out of Harold’s back and stabbed him again.

Harold turned around and looked at Travis and then went towards him in a menacing manner.  Harold grabbed Travis’s arm, shoulder and leg.  Travis was scared and could not find the knife after stabbing the landlord.  Finally he located the knife in Harold’s back.  Travis never wanted to hurt Harold he just wanted him to get out of the apartment and not hurt Stacey or himself.

Travis was still screaming at Harold to get out of the apartment.

“Get out, damn you, get the fuck out of my apartment” Travis kept repeating at the top of his lungs. Stacey was screaming as well.

While Travis and Harold were struggling the second time for the knife a clear glass bowl was used to hit Harold over the head by Stacey.  This bowl was on a decorative stand and the stand was used by Stacey to hit Harold as well.

“Kill him, kill him, kill him” Stacey screamed while she was on the phone with the 911 operator who she called in fear for her life and she repeated that had been raped.

Finally Harold got up and took the camera with him to the back hall past the bedroom towards the rear door.  Travis got up and followed Harold and caught him with a shoulder blow that knocked him up against the corner.

“Put the camera down, put the camera down” Travis insisted as they argued.  They were both bleeding.  Finally Harold threw the camera into the center of the room.  Travis unbolted the door, unbolted the chain and pushed Harold thru the door and closed the door behind Harold.


Travis went into the back bedroom to find Stacey. She was on the phone with the 911 operator.

“Yes, operator, I have been raped; I have been raped by my landlord.”

This was not in the plan.  Travis knew it was not true that Stacey was raped.  He put the Nikon camera in the cedar chest under some sweaters. Stacey described the car that Harold was driving to the 911 operator and then she passed out.  Travis grabbed the phone to talk to the operator but the line was dead. Seconds passed.

“Bang, Bang, Bang” was heard at the door of the apartment.  The firefighters were there and Travis let them into the apartment.

Minutes before:

Harold found his car in the parking lot of the apartment complex and opened the car door and slumped into the seat.  He left a trail of blood up to the car and on the outside of the cars finish.  All he could think about was getting help to stop the bleeding and the closest phone was at the Conoco Station a few blocks away.  He started the car and drove to the station at 3108 West Central Park.

Harold still had enough strength to get out of the car and enter the station.

“I have been stabbed, help me” he said as he stood at the counter. Harold had blood down the front of his shirt. As he leaned on the counter there was blood on top of the counter.

“Call 911,  I’ve been stabbed” he said again.

Sherry, the store clerk, called 911 when she saw his condition and when she turned around from using the phone he was on the floor.

Customers tried to come into the store but Sherry went outside and stopped them.  She did not want the father and the daughter who were pumping gas outside to see what was going on inside.













(The Motive)


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