Goodbye : the one I love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A boy and a girl have an argument and everything goes wrong

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



I tell you this story now remembering from the past. My life of happiness with my love that didn't last. The day that I never thought would ever come. 

We argued and I said some stuff that I regret. 

She stormed off in a huff and said that this is the end.

I cried all day and all night and couldn't forgive myself 

for it was my fault the fact that I now live in hell

The next day I received a note and never will I forget the words it wrote:

I miss you babe It's all my fault I take back all i said 

we can be together forever just like we always said 

I love you baby always and forever and you are my only love 

my one and only I miss you babe from the one you loveI love you

That afternoon i took a stroll around the block To try to mend my wrongs 

But when i knocked i was answered with a silent shun

I returned again for the next few days

And still no answer from The one I love 

Then i thought to myself this is when I call 

It rang loud and long for a time but then there was a pause

And finnaly a voice familiar to my ears 

But was not the one that I longed to hear 

It was her dad and with a saddening cry

Explained to me that the one I love is no longer alive

But she left a message for the one who is to love and cry

The message said I love you baby even when I die

Just stay strong for me and our love will forever last 

Just promise me this one last thing even though I've passed

Dont forget me but always live your life

And live out your days and try not to get in strife 

I love you baby please forgive yourself 

I know you love me baby I know that's how you felt 

Even if you didnt get your chance to Say goodbye 

And that is my tragic story of My happy life.

© Copyright 2019 Greg Juarez. All rights reserved.

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